Why is ottoman called ottoman? Evolution of the ottoman: How this furniture item has evolved over time and why the name has remained the same and 11+ Cute Ottoman that will make your room look stunning

Why is ottoman called ottoman ?

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As an adult and with a Ottoman , I have always wondered why are these Ottoman called Ottoman

I did a bit of research and figured this:

Due to their widespread use by the Ottoman Empire’s citizens.

Today, the word “ottoman” refers to a padded footstool, but historically, the word “ottoman” was used to describe a wide range of objects, with the ability to store things being the defining characteristic.

You can use this ottoman as a bed or sofa, but it also doubles as a place to keep your belongings. 

Furniture of this shape and size that does not include a storage area is simply referred to as a chaise longue.

Also known as an Ottoman, this is a box with a padded lid that is as high as a chair. It’d be a stool without the box, and a chest without the padding.

As the old nomadic Turks lived in yurts and packed their homes onto carts, it’s likely that the concept of furniture that doubles as storage came from them. 

Later, this type of furniture was exported to Europe, and only footstool-sized objects were used.

With its low-lying, cushioned design, Ottoman is named after Turkey’s Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. 

Osman, a bey (chieftain) from a tribe in western Turkey who declared independence from the Seljuk Turks, was the ancestor of the Ottoman name.

According to some accounts, Ottoman Turks would relax by putting their feet up on a footstool they kept in their home or tent.

In the beginning, wooden ottomans sat on the floor with no legs and had a storage compartment beneath the seat with a removable lid.

Later that century, salons and social clubs began to notice the ottoman’s unusual design when it arrived in Europe from the Ottoman Empire. 

The ottoman became a household name as these salons and clubs became popular. Ottomans will one day become commonplace in European homes and mansions.

Styles, shapes, and sizes of ottomans vary widely. As well as a footstool and a seat, some ottoman styles can also double as a coffee table.

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Ottoman is a European translation of Turkish “Osman,” which was the name of the first Ottoman (!) ruler, who ruled in the early 14th century.

Osman’s successors built one of history’s most powerful empires from a minor beylik in western Anatolia under the Seljuk Empire, which fell in 1922 for the first time (the Caliphate lasted another two years.)

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the Ottoman Turkish rule in SE Europe, which lasted for six centuries…

Osman, an Arabic name with a similar pronunciation to Otman, was an obvious choice for a Moslem ruler.

For his renown, Osman became known in Ukraine as Ataman or Hetman, which was derived from the Turkish word Osmán or Ozmán. 

Even the Czechs now refer to their regional governors by the name Hejtman…

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Why do People use Ottoman?

They’re Versatile and can be used in any room

However, there are several ottomans that may be used for more than just a place to put your feet up. 

A coffee table or a bench can be made from a cocktail ottoman. To have a piece that can double as a place to put up your feet while playing board games, go for a huge rectangular ottoman. 

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Ottomans may also double as storage space for blankets and pillows. If you have a limited amount of space, multipurpose furniture is a great option.

Although you may immediately think of your living room or family room when considering where to place an ottoman, the truth is that they look great in just about every area. 

Put a cocktail ottoman, either leather or cloth, at the foot of your bed and use it to sit on while you put your shoes on in the morning. 

When you’re working or accepting phone calls, you’ll appreciate having a spot to put your feet up. 

An ottoman made to your specifications will look great in any room of your house, whether it is your library, man cave, living room, or media room. The possibilities are literally endless.

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Their style never goes out of date.

While fashions come and go, a well-designed ottoman is always in vogue. 

They were initially designed as places to put your feet up, and that’s a necessity that won’t ever go away. 

As long as you choose with neutral colours or timeless upholstery, your ottoman will never go out of style—no matter what’s in fashion right now.

Extra Seating is Provided by Ottomans

Even though they aren’t intended to be used as seats, ottomans are a useful addition to any home decor when you’re short on space. 

One person can sit comfortably on a tiny circular ottoman, while a bigger one can fit two or more people at once. When you don’t have a lot of area for additional seating, this is a great option to have.

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 Even if you don’t use it as a footstool, your ottoman may serve as an extra seating option for visitors.

Ottomans in various colours Accent Pieces are a great way to add flair to your decor.

You already have a couch, a recliner, a club chair, and other major furniture items. 

A colourful ottoman is a terrific way to add a burst of colour without changing bigger furniture items to transform the appearance and feel of a space. 

Cocktail ottomans made of fabric are available in a wide variety of colours, making it simple to find one that matches your decor. Up to a hundred different colours are available for ottomans. 

Here is the list of Ottoman’s we love 

10+ Ottoman with Storage

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Ottoman Buying Guide

  • Consider your requirements: Determine how you intend to use your ottoman and what features, such as storage, comfort, or style, are important to you.
  • Measure the area where you intend to place the ottoman to ensure that it will fit comfortably and proportionally.
  • Material selection: Consider the material options’ durability, maintenance, and style, such as leather, fabric, or velvet.
  • Shape and design: Select a round, square, or tufted shape and design that complements your existing furniture and décor style.
  • Consider the ottoman’s versatility, such as whether it can be used as extra seating, a footrest, or storage.
  • Quality and price: Consider the ottoman’s quality and price to ensure a good balance of quality and cost.
  • Check the brand’s reputation by reading customer reviews to ensure you get a dependable and high-quality ottoman.

Ottoman related FAQs

What is the standard ottoman size?
An ottoman’s standard dimensions are 18-24 inches in height and width, and 36-48 inches in length.

What type of material should I use for my ottoman?
The material you select for your ottoman is determined by your personal preferences as well as the overall style of your room. Leather, fabric, and velvet are all popular choices.

How do I select the best ottoman for my space?
Consider the size of your room as well as the other furniture in the room. Choose a more compact ottoman if you have a small space. Consider the colour and style of the ottoman as well to ensure that it complements the overall design of the room.

What is an ottoman’s weight capacity?
The weight capacity of an ottoman is determined by its design and materials. Before purchasing, make sure to check the weight capacity, especially if you intend to use it as seating.

Is it okay to use an ottoman as a coffee table?
Yes, many ottomans can function as coffee tables. Look for ones with a sturdy top and think about adding a tray for stability and protection of the fabric or leather.

What is the best way to clean my ottoman?
The cleaning method for your ottoman is determined by the material. Before cleaning, double-check the care instructions. Leather, for example, can be cleaned with a damp cloth, whereas fabric ottomans may require professional cleaning.

Can I store things in an ottoman?
Many ottomans, in fact, have hidden storage compartments. If you need extra space to store blankets, pillows, or other items, consider getting one with storage.

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