The Ultimate Guide to Printable Wall Art: Create, Download, and Decorate Printable art is a cost-effective,…

The Ultimate Guide to Printable Wall Art: Create, Download, and Decorate

Printable art is a cost-effective, customizable, and easily accessible solution to elevate your home décor. By creating or downloading digital files, you can print the artwork yourself or through a professional printing service.

In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through the process of creating, downloading, and decorating with printable art to transform your space.

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Printable wall art

5 Ways to Get Your Printable Wall Art:

  1. Create Your Own: Unleash your creativity by designing your own printable art using software like Adobe Illustrator, Canva, or Procreate. Tailor your artwork to your personal style, color scheme, or chosen theme.
  2. Online Marketplaces: Visit online marketplaces such as Etsy or Society6 to find a wide range of printable art created by talented artists. These platforms offer various styles, themes, and sizes to suit any taste or interior design.
  3. Stock Photo Websites: Websites like Unsplash, Pexels, or Pixabay provide high-resolution images and photographs that can be downloaded and printed as artwork. Browse their vast libraries to find the perfect piece for your space.
  4. Art Blogs and Websites: Many art blogs and websites offer free or paid printable art for download. Look for bloggers or websites that specialize in your preferred art style or theme. Some examples include The Graphics Fairy, Feed Your Soul Art, and Little Gold Pixel.
  5. DIY Printable Art Templates: For those who want a blend of customization and convenience, printable art templates can be a great option. Websites like Canva or Adobe Spark offer customizable templates that allow you to add your own text, colors, and elements to create a personalized piece of art.

With these five methods, you’ll have no shortage of options for acquiring the perfect printable art for your home. Explore different sources and styles to find the pieces that truly speak to you and reflect your unique taste.

How to Create Your Own Printable Art:

Creating your own printable art allows you to showcase your creativity and design a piece that perfectly matches your vision.

Most Popular Wall Art Themes:

Fashion art is a creative blend of design, style, and visual aesthetics that celebrates the fashion world via many artistic forms. Fashion art adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to any area, from depictions of legendary haute couture outfits and runway moments to abstract representations of fabrics, patterns, and textures. This theme is ideal for fashionistas who want to exhibit their love of style while also making a stylish statement in their home décor.

Nature and Landscapes: Nature and landscape-themed wall art is always popular since it adds a sense of calm and serenity to any place. Nature-inspired art provides a peaceful and organic touch to your décor, from serene woodland images and towering mountains to gorgeous beach sunsets and lush gardens.

Abstract art is a popular choice for those who value the creativity and flexibility it provides. Abstract art, with its distinctive shapes, patterns, and colors, can elicit a wide range of emotions and serve as a conversation starter. It is adaptable and may readily compliment a wide range of interior design styles.

Minimalist and geometric wall art has grown in favor in recent years due to its clean lines, basic shapes, and subtle elegance. This theme is ideal for modern and contemporary decor since it adds a sophisticated touch without overwhelming the room.

Typography and Quotes: Popular wall art topics include inspirational quotes, encouraging statements, and even personalized writing. Typography art can act as a daily reminder of your principles or simply add a personal touch to your environment. This theme is popular among DIY enthusiasts because it is readily modifiable.

Portraits and People: Wall art with portraits and people can bring an emotive and human touch to your living area. This theme allows you to commemorate the individuals who inspire and motivate you, from famous faces and historical figures to family photos and images of cultural icons.

These popular wall art themes provide a variety of décor possibilities for your home. Choose the one that speaks to you and complements your personal style as well as the general appearance of your room.

Travel-themed and map-inspired wall art is popular among those who enjoy discovering new locations and cultures. This theme allows you to exhibit your wanderlust and recall memories of your favorite locations, with everything from old-world maps and city skylines to renowned landmarks and travel posters.

Animals & Wildlife: Animal and wildlife-themed wall art can offer a whimsical element to your home. This theme may bring life to your walls while displaying your passion for the animal kingdom, with towering elephants and dangerous tigers to delicate butterflies and lively birds.

Pop Art and Illustrations: Pop art and illustration-themed wall art is ideal for people looking to add a splash of color, fun, and originality to their home. This theme may give a bright and dynamic ambiance to your home with its strong colors, unusual patterns, and familiar characters.

Vintage & Retro: With its nostalgic charm and ageless appeal, vintage and retro-themed wall art transports you back in time. This theme may offer character and a sense of history to your living space, with everything from vintage advertisements and movie posters to antique maps and historical photos.

Photographic wall art is a popular choice for individuals who value the beauty and passion conveyed in a photograph. Photography, from black and white portraits and urban scenes to vivid landscapes and stunning macro pictures, can make a bold statement on your walls and elicit a range of emotions.

You now have even more possibilities for decorating your house with wall art that matches your hobbies and interests thanks to these new themes.

Experiment with various themes and combinations to create a one-of-a-kind and interesting ambiance in your living area.

Choose a Theme for Printable wall art

Before you start, consider the overall theme or vibe you want for your artwork. Some popular themes include fashion art, nature, geometric shapes, typography, and abstract designs.

Select the Right Software:

There are various software options available for creating digital art, such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva, or Procreate. Choose the one that suits your needs and skill level.

Canva & Procreate is what I use to Create my Printable Wall art Pieces.

Design Your Art:

Once you have a theme and software, begin designing your artwork. Keep in mind the color scheme, composition, and size of the piece. Don’t forget to save your work as a high-resolution file.

Where to Find and Download Printable Art:

If creating your own art isn’t your style, numerous websites offer a vast selection of printable art to suit every taste. Some popular platforms include Etsy, Society6, and Unsplash. Browse their collections and download the artwork you love.

Printing Tips for the Best Results:

For high-quality prints, follow these tips:

  1. Choose the right paper: Select a high-quality, acid-free paper in either matte or glossy finish, depending on your preference.
  2. Pick the right printer: Use a high-resolution printer, or consider a professional printing service for larger pieces.
  3. Optimize your print settings: Adjust your printer settings to ensure the colors and details of the artwork are accurately reproduced.

Printing Tips: DIY at Home or at a Shop

To achieve the best results when printing your artwork, follow these tips for both DIY home printing and professional print shops:

DIY at Home Printing:

  1. Choose the right paper: High-quality, acid-free paper in either matte or glossy finish is essential for a professional-looking print. Consider the type of art and your personal preference when selecting the finish.
  2. Use a high-resolution printer: Invest in a printer with high-resolution capabilities to ensure crisp, clear, and vibrant prints.
  3. Adjust print settings: Optimize your printer settings for the specific paper type and print quality. This helps to accurately reproduce the colors and details of the artwork.
  4. Test print: Before printing the final piece, do a test print on regular paper to check for any errors or adjustments needed.
  5. Handle with care: To avoid smudging or damage, handle the printed artwork carefully and allow it to dry completely before framing or displaying.

At a Professional Print Shop:

Research print shops around your area: Look for reputable print shops in your area that specialize in art printing or have positive reviews from previous customers. We use Officeworks( Australia) .

Print shops in the USA

There are numerous print shops in the USA that specialize in high-quality printing services for art, photography, and other creative projects. Here is a list of some well-known print shops across the country:

  1. Staples Print & Marketing Services: Another nationwide chain, Staples provides various printing services, from posters and banners to canvas prints.
  2. FedEx Office Print & Ship Center: With locations across the USA, FedEx Office offers a range of printing services, including art prints, posters, and large-format printing.
  3. Printful: Printful is an on-demand printing service that allows you to upload your artwork and have it printed on a variety of products, including art prints, canvas prints, and posters. They ship directly to customers in the USA and worldwide.
  4. Nations Photo Lab: Based in Maryland, Nations Photo Lab offers professional-quality photo and art printing services, including giclée prints, canvas prints, and fine art prints.
  5. The UPS Store: The UPS Store has locations throughout the country and offers a variety of printing services, including high-quality art prints, posters, and canvas prints.
  6. MOO: MOO is an online printing company that specializes in premium-quality, custom-printed products such as business cards, postcards, and flyers. They also offer high-quality art prints with various paper and finishing options.
  7. AdoramaPix: Based in New York, AdoramaPix offers a wide range of professional photo and art printing services, including fine art prints, canvas prints, and metal prints.
  8. FinerWorks: FinerWorks is a Texas-based print shop that specializes in high-quality giclée and canvas prints, as well as a variety of other print services.

Hey, when you’re picking a print shop, make sure you think about stuff like how good the prints look, what kind of paper they use, how fast they can get it done, and how they treat their customers. Hey, feel free to ask for some samples or chat with the print shop crew to make sure your artwork looks just the way you want it to when it’s printed.

File format and resolution: Provide the print shop with a high-resolution file in the appropriate format, usually TIFF or PDF.

Discuss paper options: Consult with the print shop about the best paper type and finish for your specific artwork. They may have recommendations based on their experience and equipment.

Request a proof: Before committing to the final print, ask for a proof or sample print to ensure the colors and quality meet your expectations.

Consider additional services: Many print shops offer framing, mounting, or other finishing services. These can save time and ensure a professional result for your artwork.

By following these tips, you can achieve stunning, high-quality prints of your artwork, whether you choose to print at home or entrust the job to a professional print shop.

Decorating with Printable Art:

With your printed artwork in hand, it’s time to decorate. Consider these ideas for displaying your printable art:

  1. Create a gallery wall: Combine multiple pieces of varying sizes and styles to create a visually striking gallery wall.
  2. Frame your art: Choose a frame that complements your artwork and the surrounding décor.
  3. Use unconventional methods: Experiment with unique display options such as hanging your art with clips or mounting it on wood or canvas.


Printable art is a versatile, affordable, and customizable option for adding personality and style to your home.

Whether you create your own artwork or download it from online sources, printable art offers endless possibilities for transforming your living space.

Keep our tips in mind when creating, printing, and decorating with printable art to achieve stunning results. Embrace the world of DIY art and make your home truly your own.

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