30+ Stylish & Pet-Friendly Home Decor Ideas for Pawrents-Pet friendly home decor

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What are the Pet Friendly Home Decor Ideas for Pawrents

You work diligently to create a home that is welcoming and comfortable for your whole family. This includes our four-legged, wet-nosed buddies for many of us. 

We are the owners of a cavoodle ( Small Dog) and I am always thinking about how to make my Living room pet-Friendly where we don’t need to deal with breakages and chew-by products. 

I did a lot of research  and found these pet -Friendly Home decor items from Amazon. 

Hope you love it!

Dogs shower us with affection in exchange for very little. Consider this: Your dog’s world is mostly defined by you and the confines of your home and yard.

As a caring pet parent, you want to return the devotion and provide your pet with a happy environment. Both the dog and the owner benefit from a dog-friendly environment.

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How to make your home dog-Friendly?

We’ll show you how to build a comfortable and safe environment for your pet without sacrificing your own flair.

While you may have a Fur kid at home, this is not mean you should decorate your living room with dull items. 

Make sure you buy more of items made of metal than ceramic or glass. This makes the decorative pieces pet-safe and prevents breakage.

Select Pet-Friendly Furniture Materials

Leather( Couches) , canvas , metal( vases etc)& micro-fiber ( Dog bed, pillows etc) are the three most preferred materials for pet safe furniture. 

Leather is popular because it is easy to clean, while micro-fiber is popular because it is durable. If you don’t need new furniture, remember my first tip: anything can be covered with some excellent slip covers.

Leather, Metal  (or wooden) furniture is ideal for pets because it is simple to clean with a wipe down and does not attract hair like fabrics. It also has a higher odour resistance than other materials and hard to break.

Avoid ceramics and glass items around pets as they are easier to break.

Pet Friendly Furniture

Select a Sofa with Detachable Seats.

Having a couch with removable seats is one of my favourite suggestions for keeping your furniture clean when you have pets, say Mia of CasaBella Interiors

If you’re in the market for a new sofa and want something pet-friendly, search for one with removable seats. 

Individual cushions may be unzipped for cleaning, making it considerably easier to remove pet odours and stains.

DOG proof Living Room

Avoid ceramic Vases, Instead use Metal & Wooden Vases

The metal and wooden vases are pet friendly. Because they are quite sturdy and meta, they will not break if accidentally knocked off by a pet. Include pet furniture and accessories in your living room design.

A snuggle with your fluffy family member may make any day brighter, but you may not want them to sleep on your bed with you or claim the recliner as their own domain. 

If your pet has its own piece of furniture, it is possible that it will choose to snooze there instead! 

Pet beds are a must in any home, but they don’t have to be drab or inappropriate to be effective.  Get a pet bed that goes with your other Furniture.

Mia of Casabella Interiors says – “Look for a design that will blend in seamlessly with your existing décor! In the same way that having a wicker outdoor set complements having a wicker dog bed, having a plush pet couch complements having a flare for grandeur does”

Mia of Casabella Interiors

Having pet-specific furniture and accessories is also a fantastic method to divert your pet’s attention away from damaging your lovely human furniture; after all, a frayed blanket and damaged side table are anything but fashionable. 

Choose a color that complements your existing décor and tuck it away in a secluded location.

 Pet toys made of rubber or cloth are another excellent technique to persuade your dogs to chew on their own accessories rather than on the legs of your coffee table… or worse, your brand new shoes!

Pro Note : You can Purchase Pet Toys from Chewy.com Or from Amazon. We have created a List of cool latex Rubber Toys for your Pooch- You can access the list here

Get a Trendy Dog bed/sofas

If  you want your living room stylish and as well co-exist with your fur baby. Look for few Modern and trendy dog beds. 

These little sofas are for dogs. Dog sofa beds provide your pet with its own piece of furniture to lay on (and help keep pets off your couch).

We examined dog couch beds for their materials, step-up heights, and aesthetics, with recommendations that fit every breed.  I have listed 2 of The finest dog couch beds for your Pooch.

If your dog chews, avoid using bare wood for your Furniture

By avoiding wood furniture, you can avoid the frustration of coming home to chewed up chair legs.

Although not all dogs chew on furniture, some young puppies find it irresistible.

It’s easier said than done to teach a dog not to chew, especially if they’re doing it while you’re gone.

 Instead use Metal Coffee tables.

Get Dog Friendly House plants:

Choose houseplants for your home that are harmless to your animal pals in order to keep them safe.

This collection of plants will add colour and texture to your home while also keeping your cats and dogs safe and content.

1. Prayer plant
2.African Violets
4.Spider Plant
5. Areca Palm
6.Air Purifying plants that are safe for dogs
 If you’re ever curious as to whether a certain plant is a safe investment for your home, the ASPCA also has an extensive list of plants to avoid (including both indoor and outdoor plants). 

This article discusses how to arrange your living room in a fashionable and stylish manner while coexisting with a fur baby.

Trendy Dog beds & Sofas

[lasso ref=”homepop-home-decor-upholstered-curved-pet-bed-luxury-cat-dog-beds-furniture-round-pet-bed-created-with-stain-resistant-fabric-cream-and-gray” id=”133205″ link_id=”194821″][lasso ref=”quicksilver-pet-sofa” id=”133210″ link_id=”194822″]

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Table Lamps & Pillow Covers

[lasso ref=”miulee-pack-of-2-velvet-soft-solid-decorative-square-throw-pillow-covers-set-cushion-cases-pillowcases-for-sofa-bedroom-car18-x-18-inch-45-x-45-cm” id=”133215″ link_id=”194823″][lasso ref=”modern-spiral-led-table-lamp-for-bedroom-living-room-office-touch-control-desk-lamp-fully-stepless-dimmable-warm-white-3000k-bedside-lamps-of-stainless-steel-1-8m-cable-5w-450lm-nightstand-lamps” id=”133216″ link_id=”194824″]

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[lasso ref=”h-versailtex-100-waterproof-sofa-cover-protector-couch-covers-for-dogs-pets-sofa-slipcover-for-3-cushion-couch-with-non-slip-backing-and-adjustable-strap-seat-width-68-grey” id=”133222″ link_id=”194825″][lasso ref=”nuloom-rigo-hand-woven-jute-runner-rug-2-6-x-10-navy” id=”133263″ link_id=”194826″]

Wall Art

[lasso ref=”4-pieces-surfboard-beach-signs-wood-surfboard-wall-art-decor-decorative-outdoor-signs-colorful-surf-party-decorations-wooden-surfboard-shaped-wood-cutting-board-for-wall-decor” id=”131439″ link_id=”194827″][lasso ref=”14-inch-welcome-sign-for-front-door-we-hope-you-like-dogs-welcome-wreath-door-sign-for-dog-lovers-thicken-wood-rustic-door-hanger-porch-decor-wreath-gift-for-housewarming-farmhouse-home-decoration” id=”133283″ link_id=”194828″]

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Vases –
Made with Metal Vases

[lasso ref=”entre-luxury-metal-vase-for-home-decor-ideal-for-dried-flowers-centerpiece-for-wedding-silver-vase-decor-living-room-decor-home-office-decor-aluminum-decorative-accent” id=”133227″ link_id=”194829″][lasso ref=”deco-79-traditional-metal-cylinder-vase-set-of-3-50-35-26h-brown” id=”133226″ link_id=”194830″]

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[lasso ref=”ilove-home-decor-framed-wall-art-3d-cat-decor-wall-print-abstract-wall-art-16x20x1-5″ id=”127762″ link_id=”194831″][lasso ref=”mooka-air-purifier-for-home-large-room-up-to-430ft2-h13-true-hepa-air-filter-cleaner-odor-eliminator-remove-allergies-smoke-dust-pollen-pet-dander-night-lightavailable-for-california” id=”127766″ link_id=”194832″][lasso ref=”wooden-floating-moon-shelf-decorative-crescent-shaped-wall-storage-display-easy-mount-3-tier-decor-17-x-12-x-3-inches-perfect-for-bedroom-living-room-nursery-kitchen-black” id=”127767″ link_id=”194833″][lasso ref=”yggqf-animal-throw-pillow-cover-head-frenchie-french-bulldog-original-watercolor-dog-wildlife-rainbow-funny-happy-puppy-companion-home-decor-pillowcase-for-sofa-18×18-inches” id=”127773″ link_id=”194834″]

Big Mouth Animal Blue Dog Storage

[lasso ref=”kqzyfj” id=”127777″ link_id=”194835″][lasso ref=”amasava-storage-baskets-2-pack-small-baby-baskets-woven-cotton-rope-decorative-laundry-hampers-for-blankets-toys-shoes-plants-clothes-diapers” id=”133287″ link_id=”194836″]

Pencil/Pen Holder

[lasso ref=”desk-accessories-for-women-office-kanwiedar-cute-pen-pencil-holder-for-desk-decoration-blue” id=”127784″ link_id=”194837″]

Round Coffee Table with Storage

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[lasso ref=”elephance-round-coffee-table-with-storage-35-8-inch-rustic-wood-coffee-table-with-strong-metal-frame-for-living-room-dining-room-cocktail-table-round-sofa-table-almond” id=”127788″ link_id=”194838″][lasso ref=”simplihome-sheridan-industrial-18-inch-wide-metal-accent-side-table-in-antique-silver-fully-assembled-end-bedside-table-and-nightstand-for-the-living-room-and-bedroom” id=”133233″ link_id=”194839″][lasso ref=”black-tray-accent-side-table-with-golden-storage-basketmetal-round-coffee-end-tables-set-of-2-modern-style-nesting-tables-for-living-roomnightstandoffice” id=”127812″ link_id=”194840″][lasso ref=”kertnic-metal-coat-rack-stand-with-natural-marble-base-free-standing-hall-tree-with-12-hooks-for-hanging-scarf-bag-jacket-home-entry-way-hat-hanger-organizer-black” id=”133231″ link_id=”194841″]

Pet House for Cats, Kittens, and Small Dogs – Ottoman

[lasso ref=”furhaven-pet-house-for-cats-and-small-dogs-collapsible-living-room-ottoman-footstool-cat-cave-condo-storage-stormy-gray-large” id=”127789″ link_id=”194842″][lasso ref=”kritter-planet-waterproof-dog-blanket-pee-proof-bed-couch-cover-for-pet-furniture-protector-for-small-medium-large-dogs-cats” id=”127792″ link_id=”194843″]

High Density Foam Pet Steps

[lasso ref=”pet-steps-for-small-dog-sted-pet-stairs-for-cat-dog-steps-4-steps-with-high-density-foam-and-cardboard-help-pets-reach-high-bed-couch-cover-washable-suitable-for-older-injured-dog-or-cat-grey” id=”133238″ link_id=”194844″]

Mini Humudifier

[lasso ref=”mini-humidifier-with-wireless-bluetooth-speaker-led-kids-night-light-for-home-office-desk-decorative-diy-planting-smart-flower-potsindoor-plastic-planterwhite” id=”128031″ link_id=”194845″]

Scented Candles – Pet House Candle

[lasso ref=”lilac-blossom-odor-eliminating-highly-fragranced-candle-eliminates-95-of-pet-smoke-food-and-other-smells-quickly-up-to-80-hour-burn-time-12-ounce-premium-soy-blend” id=”132121″ link_id=”194846″]

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[lasso ref=”cilinta-home-decorative-coffee-table-tray-10×10-elegant-acrylic-serving-trays-with-handles-works-for-eating-breakfast-makeup-drawer-organizerbathroom-vanity-tableottoman-tray-black” id=”127800″ link_id=”194847″]

Get Metal side tables

[lasso ref=”danpinera-end-table-metal-side-table-small-outdoor-table-round-side-table-with-removable-tray-for-living-room-bedroom-balcony-patio-and-office-black” id=”133273″ link_id=”194848″][lasso ref=”foluban-industrial-end-table-square-side-table-with-storage-shelf-for-living-room-wood-and-metal-nightstand-oak” id=”127802″ link_id=”194849″]

Get Dog Friendly House Plants

House Plant Box

[lasso ref=”house-plant-box-subscription-premium-pet-friendly-plant-box” id=”133245″ link_id=”194850″]

Soothing chimes

Many dogs , including our 2 yo cavapoo loves Chimes melodious sound. They react in the first few days and later on they start enjoying the sound.

[lasso ref=”wind-chimes-for-people-who-like-their-neighbors-soothing-melodic-tones-bamboo-and-white-aluminum-chime-great-as-a-gift-or-for-your-own-patio-porch-garden-and-backyard” id=”133249″ link_id=”194851″]

Stylish & Pet Friendly Home Decor – Buying guide

Here is a buying guide for choosing stylish and pet-friendly home decor:

  1. Material: Choose materials that are durable and easy to clean, such as leather, synthetic fabrics, and hardwood. Avoid delicate fabrics that can easily be damaged by pets.
  2. Color: Consider the colour of your decor, opting for darker colors or patterns that won’t show pet hair or stains as easily. Many Pet parents get furniture that is kinda Fur Color of their Fur-baby, this way their fur kind of goes unnoticed. Isn’t it a Good Idea?
  3. Furniture design: Choose furniture with rounded edges, so pets won’t hurt themselves or your furniture if they bump into it. Furniture with smooth surfaces and tight seams can also help prevent pet hair from collecting.
  4. Rugs and Carpets: Opt for rugs and carpets made of pet-friendly materials, such as synthetic fibers or low-pile rugs. Avoid shaggy rugs that can collect pet hair.
  5. Accessories: Look for accessories that are stylish and functional, such as bowls, beds, and toys that can be easily cleaned and stored.
  6. Decorative items: Consider decorative items that are pet-friendly, such as pet portraits, paw print artwork, or custom pet beds that match your decor.
  7. Price: Determine your budget and look for pet-friendly home decor that fits within your budget and offers good quality and style.

By considering these factors and doing your research, you can find stylish and pet-friendly home decor that meets the needs of both you and your pets.

Stylish & Pet Friendly Home Decor FAQs

What are some pet-friendly materials for furniture and home decor?

Pet-friendly materials for furniture and home decor include leather, microfiber, denim, and outdoor fabrics that are designed to withstand spills, stains, and pet hair.

Natural materials like wood and wicker can also be a good choice if they are properly sealed and finished to resist scratching and chewing.

How can I protect my furniture from pet hair and scratches?

You can protect your furniture from pet hair and scratches by using slipcovers, throws, and blankets that are easy to wash and replace.

You can also use scratch-resistant sprays or covers for furniture that is prone to scratching, such as wooden or fabric furniture.

What are some pet-friendly flooring options?

Pet-friendly flooring options include tile, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood floors with a high level of durability and scratch resistance.

You can also consider natural stone flooring, such as slate or granite, which is less likely to scratch than other types of stone.

How can I create a stylish space that is also pet-friendly?

To create a stylish space that is also pet-friendly, choose furniture and home decor items that are easy to clean and maintain, such as leather or microfiber sofas, washable area rugs, and durable outdoor fabrics for cushions and pillows.

You can also incorporate pet-friendly elements into your decor, such as a pet bed or a toy basket, that blend seamlessly with your overall design.

How can I make my home smell fresh with pets?

To make your home smell fresh with pets, regularly clean and vacuum carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces that can collect pet hair and odors.

Use air purifiers to remove allergens and pet dander from the air. You can also use odor-neutralizing sprays or candles, or natural alternatives such as baking soda or vinegar to freshen the air.

What plants can I use in my decor that are pet-friendly?

Spider plants, bamboo palms, Boston ferns, and money trees are some decorative plants that are good for pets.

Before bringing any plants into your home, be sure to complete your homework because some plants are poisonous to animals.

How can I maintain the accessories and toys for my pet neatly arranged and fashionable?

Use beautiful containers, shelving units, or decorative baskets that go with your decor to keep your pet’s accessories and toys well arranged and fashionable.

Also, you may incorporate pet-specific storage options like a toy box or an integrated feeding station.

How can I style my home with my pet’s bed?

Choose a bed that goes well with your existing furniture and colour palette if you want to include your pet’s bed into your decor.

To make the bed go in with your room perfectly, you can also place it in a chic corner or on a decorative rug. If your pet’s bed isn’t very fashionable, you can dress it up with a beautiful cover or throw.

How can I blend style and utility in a home that welcomes pets?

Consider purchasing furniture and decor that is both useful and aesthetically beautiful if you want your pet-friendly house to have the perfect balance of purpose and flair.

For instance, a chic coffee table with concealed storage can be used as both a decorative item and a location to keep pet supplies and toys.

Moreover, pick fabrics and materials that are long-lasting and simple to maintain so you can maintain both aesthetic and usefulness.

How can I ensure that my house is secure for my animals?

Make sure to protect any potential dangers, such as exposed electrical cables, poisonous plants, and sharp objects, to ensure that your home is secure for your dogs.

To restrict your pets from entering particular rooms or regions of the house, such as stairways or off-limits areas, think about utilising safety gates.

To make sure that your home environment is fit for your pet’s unique demands, you can also speak with your veterinarian.

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