15+ Decor Ideas to make bar cart look expensive on a Budget

How to make bar cart look expensive

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Well, My bar cart is Up and running since I turned 25.  I have been experimenting different bar cart Decors  every 2 -3 years.

Well, they say the peak of adulthood is to have a bar cart. These fancy drinks demonstrate to your guests that you’ve matured enough to host a sophisticated event and have moved on from drinking shots at the Uni bar. 

Plus, who doesn’t like to show off their finer liquors and martini glasses collection?

However, a bar cart may quickly become drab and uninspiring. While the chrome and glass cart itself is beautiful, if you just put some booze bottles and glasses on it, you’re not doing it justice. 

And you’re squandering another opportunity to show off your fashion credentials.

Home Decor Experts i have met  swear by these tried and true ideas for bar cart decoration while working with their clients as well as their own cocktail nooks.

Avoid cramming in as much as possible-a.k.a keep it Simple!

Your bar cart may be dressed up with a variety of decorative items, but you don’t have to put them all on it. 

If you want extra space for these decorative alternatives, Melbourne Based Home Decor Expert and blogger Lisa Mcdowel of  Lisa Designs,  proposes keeping minimum number of wine glasses or even better each for a guest. If there are more than 3 guests, try to keep the all glasses on the top side and nothing else.

So, idea is not to put too many things on a Bar cart.

When it comes to the cart, Lisa advises, You wouldn’t want to stuff it with everything in your collection. Just what you drink often and regularly and Don’t overcomplicate things. Ensure that the area is kept tidy and kind of minimalist

Do not have a Bar cart yet? Check out these below options as per your budget!. Yass! As I I aways  say, there should be an Option for every budget . Every budget should be given a chance to look Trendy .

Bar carts to look for this year!- Modern Design

[lasso ref=”winsome-trading-inc-jimmy-cart-espreso” id=”133925″ link_id=”189012″][lasso ref=”gold-rolling-wine-bar-cart-2-tiered-glass-shelves-with-lockable-casters-for-home-kitchen-club-30-l17-w31-h” id=”128469″ link_id=”189013″][lasso ref=”jbbcn-bar-cart-for-the-home-bar-serving-cart-on-wheels-with-wine-rack-and-glass-holder-kitchen-living-room-storage-cart-wood-metal-material-golden-finish-28-43-l-x-12-68-w-x-35-7-h” id=”133932″ link_id=”189014″]

High-End bar carts

Barcraft bar Cart

The Avalon Bar Cart’s Art Deco charm makes it the ideal furniture for any sophisticated bar or dining room combination. The robust stainless steel and wood structure ensures this cart’s durability, while the Antique Brass finish adds flare.

This mobile serving station stores wine bottles, wine glasses, and any other barware or serving accessories — it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to set up a portable bar.

Carter Bar Cart

Love the design!! Designed with a modern aesthetic in mind for a more refined appearance.
Durable metal and marble are used in the construction of this opulent bar cart.

[lasso ref=”firstime-co-gold-odessa-bar-cart-27-5-x-14-x-33-70123″ id=”133936″ link_id=”189015″]

Add cute little Pieces to the Bar cart Arrangement

It’s time to style your knick-knacks and extra pieces now that you’ve got them all safely stored. 

First,  Ben Moosa  of Melbourne Interiors advises starting with containers and boxes before moving on to a variety of smaller design items such as frames and sculptures.

But still , keep a Limit. Do not squeeze in too many things on your Bar cart.

Liquor bottles & Long vases might give your bar cart some extra height if it’s two-tiered, according to him What makes a bar cart seem more elegant is adding depth, height, and weight, Ben adds. 

To spice things up, add some accessories.

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to add some flair to your bar cart.

The colour, pattern, and texture of your bar cart should be taken into consideration while styling it, according to Ben.

You can’t go wrong with brightly coloured vases, designer decanters and ice buckets.

For a more eye-catching bar cart, invest in a few brightly coloured pieces of glassware, which will quickly set it out from the others.

Bartender Kit

[lasso ref=”mixology-bartender-kit-10-piece-bar-tool-set-with-stylish-bamboo-stand-perfect-home-bartending-kit-and-martini-cocktail-shaker-set-for-an-awesome-drink-mixing-experience-gifts-for-dad-silver” id=”133822″ link_id=”189016″]

Martini Glasses

[lasso ref=”snowfox-elegance-collection-insulated-stainless-steel-martini-and-margarita-cocktail-glass-set-of-2-white-gold” id=”133832″ link_id=”189017″][lasso ref=”joyjolt-carre-2-piece-cocktail-glasses-set-8-ounce-martini-glasses” id=”133835″ link_id=”189018″][lasso ref=”joyjolt-aqua-vitae-martini-glass-set-of-2-crystal-glassware-triangle-drinking-glasses-with-off-set-base-stemless-cocktail-glasses-and-dessert-glasses-unique-christmas-gifts” id=”133839″ link_id=”189019″]


Yes You Heard it right

In order to create a visually appealing and Modern bar cart ,  you can include  colourful components that you consume while using the barcart into the design. 

Alisha Sergent , a mebourne based designer suggests adding a variety of natural and edible items to your cart in addition to your favourite glassware and bottles, such as a beautiful vase of flowers, a small Furit Bowl with some grapes or any seasonal Fruit   to be used as garnish, or even munchies like a dish of nuts or Chocolates.

I love Chocolate with my Drink ..

[lasso ref=”prodyne-sb-6-condiment-bar-on-ice-clear” id=”133843″ link_id=”189020″][lasso ref=”mueller-fruit-basket-european-fruit-bowl-fruit-and-vegetables-holder-for-counters-kitchen-countertop-home-decor-high-end-look-red” id=”133848″ link_id=”189021″]


While the majority of decanters and glasses is colourless, taking the effort to pick a few statement pieces in brighter colours can quickly set your bar cart apart from the rest. 

We adore the Pink  Decanter from Amazon, that will look amazing on your cart.


[lasso ref=”le-chateau-red-wine-decanter-aerator-crystal-glass-wine-carafe-full-bottle-wine-pitcher” id=”133856″ link_id=”189022″][lasso ref=”riedel-horn-decanter-88-oz” id=”133860″ link_id=”189023″][lasso ref=”wine-decanter-built-in-aerator-pourer-wine-carafe-red-wine-decanter100-lead-free-crystal-glass-wine-hand-held-aerator-wine-gift-wine-accessories” id=”133865″ link_id=”189024″][lasso ref=”whiskey-decanter-globe-set-with-2-etched-whiskey-glasses-for-liquor-scotch-bourbon-vodka-gifts-for-men-850ml” id=”133869″ link_id=”189025″][lasso ref=”lovino-crystal-wine-decanter-lead-free-crystal-glass-360-degree-spinning-1-5l-red-wine-aerator-great-gift-box-wine-accessories” id=”133873″ link_id=”189026″][lasso ref=”cool-stones-whiskey-stones-gift-set-2-twist-tumbler-glasses-8-granite-scotch-rocks-with-tongs-bourbon-glasses-with-wooden-gift-box” id=”133878″ link_id=”189027″][lasso ref=”4-xl-stainless-steel-whisky-ice-balls-special-tongs-freezer-pouch-in-luxury-gift-box-for-whiskey-lovers” id=”133882″ link_id=”189028″]

My pick Bar cart decor from Pinterest

Get the Look

[lasso ref=”hand-blown-italian-style-crystal-burgundy-wine-glasses-lead-free-premium-crystal-clear-glass-set-of-2-21-ounce-gift-box-for-any-occasion” id=”133886″ link_id=”189029″][lasso ref=”louis-garden-nostalgic-bicycle-artificial-flower-decor-plant-stand-pink” id=”133890″ link_id=”189030″][lasso ref=”artificial-flowers-daisy-flower-with-vase-silky-artificial-daisies-bouquet-fake-plant-bonsai-for-home-office-wedding-decoration-table-centerpieces-arrangement-windowsill-decor” id=”133891″ link_id=”189031″][lasso ref=”jillmo-whiskey-decanter-set-1250ml-whiskey-decanter-with-2-whiskey-glasses” id=”133895″ link_id=”189032″]

KROSNO Pina Colada Cocktail Drinking Glasses

[lasso ref=”fortune-candy-insulated-ice-bucket-double-walled-stainless-steel-ice-bucket-with-ice-tongs-scoop-lid-and-exclusive-handmade-nylon-holder-2-8-l-silver-navy-blue” id=”133903″ link_id=”189033″][lasso ref=”coolin-curve-ice-bucket-for-wine-champagne-beer-beverages-evenly-chills-drinks-2-quarts” id=”133899″ link_id=”189034″]

Flowers and vases


[lasso ref=”farmhouse-decor-for-the-home-farmhouse-bathroom-decorations-modern-farmhouse-decorations-for-farmhouse-bathroom-or-farmhouse-table-eucalyptus-plant-rustic-set-of-3-artificial-plants-frosted” id=”166996″ link_id=”234936″]

CASAMOTION Tall Glass Vase

I  Love Amazon discoveries, and this could be one of the finest for fashionable bar cart Decor.

LADADA Peony Flowers in Ceramic Vase

THE  cutest little DECOR !  Pastel flowers are  the current interior design trends! It’s certain to look stunning on any bar cart in any room.

[lasso ref=”ladada-fake-peony-flowers-in-ceramic-vasefaux-hydrangea-flower-arrangements-for-home-decor-artificial-flowers-with-vase” id=”166999″ link_id=”234937″]

Nearly natural Cherry Blossom flower vase

What a cute pattern! Everything antique appeals to me, as I’ve already said. This is an excellent choice for a stylish coffee table decor  in your home!

[lasso ref=”nearly-natural-4572-cherry-blossom-in-large-vase-pink-14tall” id=”167001″ link_id=”234938″]

Bring in Some Greenery & Flowers in your bar cart

Adding a hanging plant like a philodendron or pothos to the mix will add a burst of colour to the otherwise neutral cart.

To discover a decent small plant, “your local nursery is a terrific place to look,” explains Sember, this will give your bar cart some texture and Pump of color.If you cant manage real Greem due to your work schedule or the Travelling plans , get some artificial ones.That will work too…

[lasso ref=”faux-plants-indoor-artificial-plants-for-home-decor-indoor-pothos-small-fake-plants-fake-plants-decor-and-decorative-plants-fake-plant-and-artificial-plant-for-indoor-and-outdoor-black-pot” id=”167002″ link_id=”234939″]

Go Green

What a cute thing to be on your bar cart. Everything cute appeals to me, as I’ve already said. This is an excellent choice for a stylish coffee table & Bar cart  decor  in your home!

Go Green with some faux Plants

Go green with this for your Bar cart. Everything antique appeals to me, as I’ve already said. This is an excellent choice for a stylish Bar cart decor in your home!

[lasso ref=”xurigod-set-of-3-small-potted-artificial-plants-artificial-plastic-ferns-plants-faux-greenery-plants-faux-plants-indoor-for-rustic-home-farmhouse-bathroom-decor” id=”167003″ link_id=”234940″]

Add some Books


if you don’t like the notion of a highly styled appearance, here’s an alternative: You can  use the cart to display lovely books and trinkets rather than clutter it with  too many accessories and bottles. That’s cool

Also Read: The coffee table Books decor we can’t stop raving about

[lasso ref=”the-big-book-of-bourbon-cocktails-100-timeless-creative-tempting-recipes” id=”133910″ link_id=”189035″][lasso ref=”the-kentucky-bourbon-cocktail-book” id=”133914″ link_id=”189036″]

Don’t Limit Yourself to Conventional Design Elements

Emma Sember prefers an industrial design bar cart over the more classic glass and brass bar carts, which helps to raise the overall appeal of your bar cart to a higher level.

If you’re searching for something different and surprising, she suggests taking a look at traditional stainless steel carts, as well as black and chrome alternatives.

Why not experiment with this bar cart instead of your normal one? In addition, Emma states that extra furniture may be changed into a customised drinking space based on customer preferences.

Many other techniques may be used to organise your cocktail supplies, including placing them on bookshelves or console tables and positioning them near entertainment items such as a record player or a coffee table book about bartending. 

There are virtually no restrictions on what you may do.

Industrial Barcart

This box set, which includes Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four: A Divergent Collection plus an exclusive Divergent series poster, is ideal for lovers of the Divergent series who wish to acquire the complete library.

[lasso ref=”yitahome-industrial-bar-carts-for-the-home-mobile-serving-cart-on-wheels-with-removable-wood-top-container-3-tier-kitchen-cart-with-wine-rack-glasses-holder-rustic-brown” id=”128480″ link_id=”234941″]

[lasso ref=”bar-cart-for-the-home-with-wine-rack-industrial-outdoor-serving-cart-w-2-removable-trays-on-lockable-wheels-3-tier-black-rolling-liquor-cart-vintage-beverage-trolley-for-storage-modern-mini-bar-cart” id=”148100″ link_id=”234942″]

Bar Cart for The Home with Wine Rack for $179 On Amazon

I can’t get enough of  this bar cart   right now! This elegant table is a must-have if you’re trying to achieve a fashionable aesthetic. It’s impossible not to like the atmosphere! Each piece is handmade, never mass-produced, and built to withstand varied elements and temperatures.

Rustic Island Bar cart

Love this Beach theme! Whether you’re decorating a beach house, lake cabin, or a beach theme bathroom in your home, this piece of beachy wall art set is the ideal addition! As a present, they’re ideal.

[lasso ref=”yitahome-bar-carts-for-the-home-industrial-bar-cart-with-movable-basket-serving-cart-on-wheels-with-3-tier-storage-shelves-kitchen-cart-with-glass-holder-for-dining-room-bar-rustic-brown” id=”148099″ link_id=”234943″]

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