Is Home decor Good Niche to make money- Creating a Stylish Home on a Budget- Find out How we can make it happen By using the Amazon products

Is Home decor Good Niche to make money

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Running a blog, on the other hand, is not a career path, but rather a business endeavour/ Business Journey.

Every new business endeavour has an investment phase during which it must be funded( it could be time, Money or both).

In order to proceed with future growth, it is necessary to construct a strong foundation (I mean virtual foundation like Trendy & Relevant domain name, good hosting , good content and  SEO Strategy) that can be built upon and improved upon over time.

It gives me a buzz since it allows me to direct the direction of my Blogging Business. I have variety iof niche websites running and many of them are earning more than $5k  a Month.

In comparison to a traditional brick-and-mortar firm, starting an internet business is more affordable. 

As a result, anyone may create a blog at any point in time. It is necessary, however, that you be prepared to put in the time and effort required.

Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is and turn your words into action?

Creating more substance & relevant blogs( SEO Point of view) about home design and décor can help you reach a larger audience if you want to reach a larger audience.

With every piece of writing you produce, your readers will gain more from your expertise and passion

In every field/niche , including home décor, you may generate money via Blogging.

My Home decor blog started producing money for me in just 3 months. In My 4th full month ( Jan 2018)of blogging brought in $125 in revenue( Via Adsense) and Now I make around 20k per Month with other display ads and Affiliate marketing.

Ads and affiliates currently account about half of my earnings.  

The majority of my affiliate revenue come from product endorsements & Product Reviews (for Instance. My latest Blog post about Wall art Prints )

The idea that this is primarily a source of passive income is really appealing to me. 

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A Quick Guide

10 Blog Ideas for Home decor Niche

So, here are some ideas for you to consider: My niches include suburban home decor, Contemporary design, Sophisticated home on a Budget, affordable Home decor & Luxury Home decor. So, you can decide which fits you well .

  • Sophisticated home on a Budget
  • Ideas for a man’s retreat.
  • Theme ideas for a baby girl (or boy) nursery.
  • Decorating ideas for college dorm rooms.
  • Modern furnishings for the house.
  • Minimalistic Design 
  • Suburban Home Decorations
  • Styles of interior design including Contemporary, Rustic Farmhouse, Victorian, Eclectic Bohemian, and Country Home are all examples of this.
  • How to make the most of a little area in a creative way( Small Space deco)
  • DIY kitchen improvements for a fraction of the cost.
  • Turning garbage into treasure with these easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself methods.

How to generate a flood of visitors to your website

My website’s principal traffic source is SEO( Organic Traffic) and  Pinterest( Referral Traffic). My traffic is 90 % Organic and 10 % from Other sources.

My niche is  Home Decor , and Pinterest is the perfect visual search engine for me.

Aside from that, the traffic it provides is beneficial to any speciality.

In order to get the most out of your pins, you should pin them to many boards simultaneously.

Additionally, you must get Involved in other social media Platforms like FB , Insta and Twitter. Also, Tumblr &

I use canva  to post my pins  rather than schedulers like Board Tailwind, etc., I prefer to pin that way.

If you’d like to see some of my most popular posts and Pinterest images, please do!

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If you run a home décor blog, there are a variety of strategies to increase your readership and website traffic. The strategies are similar to any niche website you would use for.

 Here are some suggestions on how to go about it.

Post new content on social media platforms on a regular basis. Apart from Pinterest as discussed above Facebook and Instagram are the fantastic platforms for sharing photographs and posts.

Facebook is a terrific platform for engaging with your audience, and Twitter is a fantastic platform for sharing modest home design suggestions.

Contribute to other home décor blogs as a guest author to get more backlinks organically to boost your Blog’s SEO

Seek for blogs with a comparable readership and offer to cooperate with them or to guest post on their site. Both blogs will benefit from this as their respective audiences increase.

Join Quora and Reddit – Engage with the people in the room or the Subreddit. 

Answer any queries that your audience may have regarding home decorating tips and techniques by providing them with answers. 

Start a Youtube Channel based on your Home decor Blogs. You can talk about each blog in a single video .

Get your  search engine optimisation ( SEO) sorted for your website. Without this information, the site will not appear at the top of search results. 

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, a professional business can assist you. Contact  Peplifestyle BlogIt  for any Blogging SEO assistance

Lastly, do some paid Ads. Pay a little fee for advertisements( Especially FB Ads for website traffic as the goal). Ads that are targeted to potential audience members will encourage them to visit your website.

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How to Monetise your Home decor Blogs

A traffic-generating website can earn money in a variety of ways. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing via your blogs can earn your Hundreds and thousand’s of dollars every month. If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, I strongly advise you to get started.

Amazon associates is one of the most prominent affiliate programmes. 

A simple signup process means you can put it to work on your site straight away. 

When I first started my site, I also set up an Amazon affiliate account. 

I dint earn anything the 1st year , however Affiliate revenue began to rise as my Blog posts attracted more attention and ranked higher in Google search results over the course of the next  year.

Join Affiliates like Amazon, CJ-Affiliates or AWIN . Affiliate marketing can Earn Thousands of dollars as your revenue.

Display Ads

Advertising on your website may be made easier with the help of Google AdSense. Other Ad networks like Adthrive or Ezoic might be targeted if you have more than 50K monthly page visits.

These adverts may be tailored to your specific target audience, boosting your chances of making money from your websites.

Youtube Channel( Via Youtube adsense)

YouTube channel and Videos may be a lucrative business opportunity. Your home décor videos might be commercialised to bring in more money.

In exchange for their support, your Blog readership makes a little monthly contribution, and you may offer them rewards based on the amount they donate. 

It is possible to entice the audience by offering exclusive tips, the chance to chat one-on-one, and a wide range of additional incentives.

Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts are the most common way for bloggers to generate money. 

Never compromise your personal brand or target audience in order to facilitate to sponsors. In the long run, you, your site, and your earnings will all suffer as a result. 

If you have a large social media following, you may be able to charge more for sponsored articles.

Sponsorships from Home decor Companies. 

A product to test or a sponsorship opportunity may be provided by a home décor company. If you’re advertising anything, make sure you’re very clear about it.

Then What?

What are you referring to? What are you waiting for?

Begin by picking a strategy that you like the best, making a plan, and doing some further study.

You can accomplish anything if you’re bold enough to do it!

Home décor is a lucrative segment because it is a well-known and dynamic market. Here are some suggestions for monetizing blogs on home décor:

Generate interesting Content: It’s critical to produce interesting, educational content that highlights your industry knowledge in order to draw readers and keep them coming back. You can publish blog posts about subjects including current trends in interior design, do-it-yourself projects, and product reviews.

Have a strong online presence: Sharing images and ideas for home décor on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest is a terrific idea. You may grow your social media following and increase traffic to your site by doing so.

Employ affiliate marketing: Using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog on home décor is a terrific idea. You can make money off of any purchases made through your links by marketing products on your site and incorporating affiliate links.

Collaborate with brands: To advertise their products, influencers and bloggers are sought after by many home décor companies. You can get money by working with these brands on sponsored posts, product reviews, and other projects.

Provide design services: You can provide design services to your readers if you have experience in interior design. Virtual consultations, design concepts, and product suggestions are a few examples of this.

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