Is home decor a waste of money?-10 things you should always spend less than $30 on

Is home decor a waste of money?-10 Home decor things you should always spend less than $30 on

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No way. Home décor isn’t waste of money. Personal or property adornment serves two unique purposes. More clearly discern what is Yours, and others will have something to judge you on (either favourably or not). 

Well, Dressing in a certain manner is referred to as “decoration.” But, you don’t need to spend Exuberant amount of money on things that will work in cheaper alternatives.

If you dress in costly clothing and jewellery, you are effectively saying,  I am confident and I love myself and also “I am wealthy; thus, you must respect me.”  

Putting a large number of Christmas lights on the exterior of your home communicates the message . “I love my house and want to make it look nice inside & out” and also “I am wealthy and can afford to squander my money adorning my home and paying for power.” 

It is also intended to convey the message “I am entertaining and want to make others smile – please like me.”

When you decorate, you are sending a message to the individuals who will see it. It is possible that they may misinterpret the message you are attempting to convey.

“Why do people spend so much money on decoration?” you may wonder.

Why? Because they like how it’s been styled. You get to pick and select what you want, and it makes you feel good.

Some people consider waste, while others consider it necessary for their spiritual & emotional  well-being.

When you spend a lot of money on just one thing, problem begins.

Decorations come in a wide variety of forms- from Inexpensive DIYs to Sophisticated Home decor Items.

For Instance, An artist utilises art to enhance the aesthetic appeal of both his own and others’ residences. Some people make all the decorative pieces themselves, some buy it from In-expensive shops and some go for high-end decorative .

A child uses handmade ornaments to adorn the Christmas tree.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to live a minimalist lifestyle, with no decorations on your body or in your home. It’s up to you.

Why do people spend money on Home decor

Environments that are visually appealing may modify our state of mind and impact our ability to be happy or unhappy, meditative or industrious; active or passive; energetic or relaxed, among other things. 

They have the ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia and sorrow. They may be able to recall memories of loved ones or recollections of noteworthy events. 

They have the ability to arouse our imaginations about the ideal places to dwell. They may point out goods that we are unable to afford.

They are part of our immediate surroundings and have an influence on our mental well-being.

But that just serves to highlight the significance of what they are doing. None of this means that they must be prohibitively expensive.

Natural and elegant are the styles that my spouse and I favour. so, I do spend a lot of money of buying home decor items online and in-store .

However, on the other hand… What if you had a fantasy of living in a  fully decorated house?  

What if your happiness depended on my ability to keep up with the latest fashion? What if your sense of well-being was dependent on the opinions of others? 

What if your taste was for expensive materials such as exotic woods, ceramics, marble, precious stones, and high-end artwork?

After that, let’s combine the two items…

If the Interior design/home decor likings has an impact on how a person feels, and the types of things that make you feel good are quite expensive, which means you will spend a lot of money on interior design/home decor. Just like me!

There is, on the other hand, the following:

You love your home to be nicely decorated and  the fact that how one feels and the kind of goods that make you feel good are reasonably priced means that you are spending a little amount of money on interior décor.

Do-it-yourselfers, like many around, can do a great deal of the more modestly priced interior design/Home Decor projects.  I am not so good at DIY projects , so most of my decor items are Purchased online or in-store.

If, on the other hand, I wanted a committed retro  appearance, or a very specific style that was less rustic and more sophisticated, I would almost certainly spend more money on the pieces of décor themselves, and I would even consider hiring a designer who understands what is required and affordable for a given look.

Pep life style Team  spoke to few interior designers & Home decor Experts around Melbourne & Sydney to find out which home-decor items should never cost you more than $30. 

There are plenty of items that designers don’t recommend spending more than a few dollars on

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To be honest, there’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on throw pillows when you can simply imitate it with accessories. 

This would simply allow you to utilise them to accent furniture that you’ve already purchased. 

Simply browse in Amazon Or in your local antique and handmade stores for a variety of unique pillows at reasonable prices.

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These cute houseplants don’t have to be expensive

Kavin Bee of Bee Design Build told Pep Life style team  that houseplants don’t have to cost more than $30 to make a big impact in your home.

“You can easily find affordable plants that will last a long time,” said Bee. Orchids are popular because they’re easy to care for and can usually be found at a discount.

Don’t spend too much on Cloth Napkins

Because cloth napkins do not last forever, do not buy the most costly pair.Period!!
According to Mena Gaiky , interior designer at Mena Summer, a nice pair of dinner napkins shouldn’t be too expensive.

” While dinner napkins are a must-have, keep it simple by purchasing the less expensive ones ” Gaiky  stated.

Another advantage of purchasing a set of less expensive linen napkins is that you may buy a few extra to replace those that have gotten permanently discoloured.

Do not spend a lot of money on rugs for most-used areas.

You may not want to spend a lot of money on rugs for high-traffic areas like the hall way, Kids room ,kitchen sink areas etc.

You shouldn’t spend more than $25-$30 on a rug that would be put in a high-traffic area.

These rugs are constantly trodden on and destroyed,You can only wash them so many times before they need to be replaced.

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Quality candles may be purchased for far less than $30

“There are so many businesses that sell candles that can make your house smell like whatever you want, but at a much cheaper price range,” Chloe M said to Insider.

If you want to buy a more costly candle, Chloe M recommends paying attention to the burn duration and avoiding spending more than $30 on one that will burn for fewer than 80-100 hours.

Below are few of my fav under $30 scented Candles from Amazon

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy glassware for social gatherings

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy glassware for social gatherings like your kids Birthday party , your parties or any such Parties.

Well,  while there are situations when pricey glassware is appropriate, most individuals should have a variety of less expensive wine glasses on hand.

It’s a fact of life that visitors at parties smash stuff like wine glasses and plates. 

So, Buy a pack of 6 wine glasses for less than $30 since no one wants to drink out of plastic or Lucite unless they’re at the pool.

Those looking to spend a few more dollars on fine glasses might look for estate sales or bargain buys online, where high-quality glassware can frequently be found for much less than retail.

My fave under $30 wine set from Amazon. they come in set of 6 Glasses.

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Vases for flowers should not cost more than $30

Fresh flowers can bring brightness and colour to a space, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a vase to contain them.

However, where you keep the vases are more Important. vases that are on bathrooms , Kitchens and Guest rooms need not be high-end. However, the vases that are in Living rooms, Theatres and main bed rooms can be more expensive ones.

“With lovely blossoms as the main point, don’t focus & spend too much on the vase, However, there is no harm in spending few extra $$ on  Expensive vases for your Living rooms and bedrooms” Gaiky advises.

At sites like Amazon Or Etsy or Target, you can get dozens of awesome looking vases for just under $30.”

Try thrift stores if you’re seeking for a one-of-a-kind vase that won’t cost you your entire income.

My fave under $30 Vases from Amazon

Expensive doormats aren’t always worth the money.

Expensive doormats aren’t always worth the money.
A decent doormat should achieve the right

combination of form and function, but it shouldn’t cost more than $30

“Doormats are easily worn out. They’re also one of the first things guests see, so you’ll want to maintain them looking current and fashionable ” Bee  said.

If you want to spend more money on a doormat, go for one made of a non-porous substance, such as rubber or metal. These are easy to clean and often last longer than woven or bristle mats.

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Cheap baskets usually operate just as well as expensive ones.

There is typically not much of a quality difference between pricey baskets and less priced choices.

“Even the less expensive baskets appear to last a long time, and they’ll be easier to part with if they do grow disgusting and need to be thrown out,” Bianca added.

If you buy a basket to serve meals from, line it with a linen napkin or a plastic container to reduce the possibility of crumbs or fluids getting into the basket weave.

My fave Under $30 Fruit Baskets from Amazon. The Red one is my fave.

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Use grocery store flowers to make inexpensive and lovely bouquets.

Interior designer Bella  Born owner of Deem and do Interiors told Pep life style team  that using store-bought flowers in arrangements instead of pricey professional bouquets is a cost-effective decorating strategy.

“Purchase a bunch of grocery-store flowers, cut the stems to suit the vase, and arrange them with some fill plants,” Born  suggests. “You’ll get a lovely arrangement for a maximum of $20.”

Born also suggested removing the leaves off store-bought flowers for a more sophisticated appearance.

This can also assist to keep the arrangement looking fresh for a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts….

Decorating our houses is a really personal experience since we are putting our personalities into it.

We’re attempting to create the ideal environment in which we can unwind, spend time together, and build memories. so, you can spend as much as you can afford or makes you happy.

It being said, the process may be pretty intimidating, but that doesn’t mean we should be spending our way through it.

We hope this post has given you some suggestions about where you should spend and where you should save.

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