How to flawlessly hang poster without damaging wall..

8 Ways to Hang Poster Without Damaging Wall

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If you’re like most people, the first time you put up a poster, it was up for about three seconds before it fell down and left an ugly thumbtack hole in your wall. Have no fear! 

It doesn’t have to be that way! With the right tools and a little know-how, you can hang your posters perfectly every time without damaging your walls or losing your art as soon as someone walks into the room.

We spoke to Nita Gosamy , a Melbourne based Home decor Specialist. She gave us many tips and hack to hang a poster without damaging the walls.

Have you ever purchased a poster but then abandoned it in storage? 

Every one of us has been there. Indeed, we’ve kept this vintage-style ski poster in its original tube in our closet. Why is it the case?

 Because we hadn’t determined the right framing for it. Posters are notoriously difficult to work with, since no one like putting holes in something they admire. 

That is why we waited so long. However, we’ve put a halt to its dust collection. Continue reading to learn about our solution!

 Here are 10 ways to hang a poster without damaging your wall. Eighth one is the Epic!

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1) Use Removable putty

Putty is ideal for hanging posters, especially if you don’t want your wall to look like it’s been pummeled with pushpins. 

The best putty picks are those that contain two-sided tape, which can be removed with no trace once you’re ready to take down your poster. 

Apply it directly onto your poster and hang from a nail or thumbtack. A tap of gentle pressure at each corner will allow even heavy posters and canvases to stay in place perfectly.

Removable putty is ideal for adhering posters to any smooth or textured surface since it has excellent adhesion properties and will adhere strongly to any smooth or textured surface that it is applied to. 

They are an excellent solution for how to adhere Posters to a wall without causing harm to the surface. 

Because too much putty might produce creasing at the contact areas of paper products, it is preferable to use a minimal amount of putty for paper items. 

It is not recommended to use this product on recently painted walls since it may cause harm to the paint when it is removed.


2) Use hot glue

If you have trouble finding a stud, hot glue might be your best bet. It’s quick and simple enough that you can hang something on your wall within minutes and it doesn’t require any tools. 

All you need is some glue, so if you aren’t sure how well they’ll hold up over time, these are an excellent solution for just about everything from art to calendars. 

Before using hot glue, make sure that whatever poster or picture frame you are hanging is clean of any dust or dirt—you don’t want it falling off because of an unclean surface!


3) Tape it down with tape

The first step in how to hang a poster without damaging your wall is very simple—just use tape. It’s quick, easy, and fast, but most of all, it’s also incredibly effective. 

Just make sure you only apply enough tape so that it holds down your poster and doesn’t dig into or otherwise damage your wall. 

Tape will hold small posters steady for at least 24 hours; however, if you want to ensure that everything stays in place for as long as possible without any risk of falling off your wall too soon, try using double-sided tape instead of normal scotch tape. 

Sure, there are special poster-hanging tapes available online—but they tend to be expensive and/or not very durable.

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4) Get Command Strips

Command strips are by far one of my favorite ways to hang posters without damaging your wall. I used them in college all the time, and now that I have an apartment, I use them to help decorate it. 

If you’re looking for something non-permanent but still able to handle a lot of weight, then Command Strips is definitely what you want. 

They can hold over 20 pounds! You can purchase any number of sizes depending on how much poster or picture you’re hanging up. 

Not only do they have them at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s but they also sell them on Amazon! You can order them here: Command Strips.

5) Go digital, use your tablet or phone as a lightbox

Instead of using your hands or having a floodlight and magnifying glass, use your tablet or phone as an easy lightbox. 

Take a picture of where you’re planning on hanging your poster, then use it as a guide when you put it up. 

You can also use several apps with augmented reality features that help you see how things will look before they’re hung up permanently. It’s just like using tape on your floor—except it works in real life, too!

6.Use DécoMagnets, trust me they are awesome

We hung our poster with DécoMagnets, which were quite easy to use. It consists of a spherical disc with a magnet attached to the top. 

Yes, it appears to be a miniature black top hat, doesn’t it? It’s a small, straightforward thing that is quite useful to have on hand!

It’s a piece of cake! You need to position the paper between the little disc and the black magnet in order for it to stay in place. 

In order to disclose a sticky surface (that will not damage your walls), 

Peel away the protective coating from the back of the disc. Last but not least, press to secure the disc to the wall. That’s all there is to it! 

There are no holes in the wall, and there are no holes in the poster. It’s almost like magic!

7. Magic Tape

The Magic Tape is a far superior alternative to Scotch Tape because it is nearly undetectable on most surfaces and does not appear sticky when applied to the Posters. 

Given its low visibility, you may simply glue posters to the wall and then remove them without causing any damage to the surface when the occasion arises. 

They are also an excellent method of affixing posters to walls without causing damage to the posters.

8.Removeable Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is a simple and quick method of hanging posters on the wall without the need for frames or the drilling of holes in the wall. 

You just glue the tape to the wall and then peel away the paper from the opposite side of the wall to adhere the poster to the wall. 

Simply adhering a little piece of tape to each corner of the Poster will do the work, and your printed product will remain in place for whatever long you want. 

Because the tape is detachable, you may also remove it by gently peeling the tape away from the surface. 

Always remember to use a high-quality tape; otherwise, it may be difficult to remove them from the wall and they may even become glued to your poster after you remove them.

How to hang Framed Posters without damaging the wall..

If you like to hang framed posters, mirrors, unframed canvas, or tapestries, Nita Gosaamy recommends a heavier material. According to her, command strips are the greatest solution.

“Hanging is not the sole method of exhibiting art,” Nita explains. “By leaning huge and tall objects against the wall, you may create the illusion of an artist workshop in your home.”

Nita also proposes using an existing mantel, bookshelf, shelf, or other structure as a basis for your frame.

Preparation With Appropriate Hooks

Consider the weight of your item and the suitable hook size before purchasing your Command strips.

Prior to using any adhesive solution, clean and dry the surface thoroughly and carefully follow the directions, paying close attention to the wait times.

This will guarantee that the glue remains effective for an extended period of time.

Step 2: Layout Your Workspace

Measure your poster and outline your arrangement on the wall with painter’s tape. This is very useful for arranging many posters or gallery wall setups.

Step 3: Designate an Anchor Point

Locate the anchor point for your poster on the wall (it might be corner grommets, a frame wire, or a canvas frame). Arrange your hook just over your marking.

Step 4: Affix the Poster

Suspend the poster from the hook. Take pleasure in your artwork until you’re ready to replace it. When the time comes, just peel away the sticky backing without fear of losing your deposit.

How to Hang unframed Posters?

According to Nita the finest solutions for hanging unframed posters are washi tape and mounting sticky putty. 

These techniques, however, are only applicable to lightweight artwork printed on paper.

The surface and poster must be level and clean for the best effects.

Then What?

The perfect posters can totally change a space, transforming it from dull and clinical to individualised and brimming over with personality. 

Who doesn’t like flaunting their varied musical tastes via the use of band posters, or showing off their cinematic acumen through the use of old movie posters?

The difficulty is that, while practically everyone has hung a poster or two over their lives, only a small percentage of individuals have done it correctly. 

Inevitably, during the process of hanging (or removing) the poster, either the wall or the poster is damaged, which detracts from the whole experience.

Fortunately, there are a few techniques of the trade that poster fans may learn and put into practise in order to perfect the nuanced art of poster hanging. These tricks of the trade begin long before the actual hanging of the posters takes place.

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