10 Ways to Find Your Decorating Style

Finding Your own Decorating Style- It’s not that hard

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Finding your decorating style can seem like an impossible task if you’re looking in all the wrong places. 

At first, it may seem like you need to visit every store and look at all the latest trends in order to figure out which home decor styles you like best. 

However, once you’ve found these shopping resources, there are other ways to find your decorating style that don’t involve making any purchases whatsoever. 

With the following five steps, you can learn how to find your decorating style without leaving your living room!

Finding Your own Decorating Style- It’s not that hard

What your space tells you

Understand what your space is telling you : You can’t begin a remodel or redesign project unless you first listen to what your space is telling you. 

Step back and take a look at where you live, work, or hang out. 

What room do you spend most of your time in? Is it clear that room gets used more than any other?

 If so, use that as an indicator when making design decisions. It’s likely that other rooms are suffering because of neglect; their needs don’t get met. 

When decorating with style in mind, make sure not only do each individual room receive its needs met—but all rooms need to feel comfortable and designed for usage.

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Experiment with wide Variety of styles

Experiment. By exposing yourself to a wide variety of styles, you’ll start to see patterns—and be able to figure out what your style is (and isn’t). 

Keep track of your observations in a notebook or journal, noting colors, shapes, and textures that are prominent in your favorite rooms. 

Which styles speak most strongly? What do you love about each room? 

You may discover that your favorite colors and themes come from different sources. Let it all marinate for a while before trying it all together.

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Reaserach Research & Reasearch…

Research, Research, Research: When you’re looking for decorating ideas, step back and research what others have done. Read Blogs, read Magazines and watch Videos.

Whether it’s inspiration from your favorite magazine or a real-life visit to a house that catches your eye, try to look at as many different examples of rooms and spaces as possible—you want to make sure you find something that resonates with you. 

Then begin applying design principles such as balance and proportionality—applying these rules will allow you feel more confident when making decisions about your own home

For example, if you love dark colored  accents but want to use them sparingly in your space consider pairing one large piece of art or a painting with several smaller items like decorative boxes or vases.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help : When it comes to designing your space, don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

A professional home decorator can be a great source of inspiration, ideas and tips. 

They may even have resources you didn’t think about (like all-white paint or upholstery cleaner), as well as products and techniques they use every day that they know will work in your space.

 If you are working on a budget, ask if they can offer any design assistance at a discounted rate, since their expertise is worth it—even if they aren’t charging you by the hour.


Embrace who you are.

 Once you’ve examined your priorities, reflected on what really matters to you, and identified your wants and needs for a home, take one last look in your heart. 

Does it feel right? If not, there’s no need to force it! Believe us—we’ve seen plenty of homes that could be described as ‘overdecorated’ or ‘trying too hard.’ 

There’s no need for that. Make sure every detail feels like an authentic reflection of who you are—and that every color in a room represents something beautiful or meaningful to you personally.

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Your interests and hobbies

Are you a passionate golfer? Are you a photographer, voracious reader? Do you love to garden? Are you enthusiastic about lamas? 

An office filled with old sports memorabilia or your first wooden tennis racquet, perhaps your own medals and trophies can bring immediate feeling of elegance to your workplace. 

Or perhaps convert a vast and empty wall into a gallery as you show your favourite images you’ve shot over the years, or your favourite paintings… 

If you’re an ardent reader you should exhibit all the books you’ve gathered and read over the years.

It’s quite OK to have a variety of distinct looks!

Due to our diverse interests, we tend to lean towards different styles. 

You may have inherited or bought some traditional pieces of furniture, but you don’t see yourself as a product of their legacy. Like your hobbies, your preferences may be more diverse. 

Each room can have its own look. For instance in my house, each room looks different. My bedroom has a minimalist look and guest room has a Boho look.

And it’s not only accepted, but encouraged, to embrace these various interests and trends!

Take a look around the residences of your close friends.

What is it about the houses of your pals that you enjoy. There are many who believe that imitation is the most honest form of flattery. 

You don’t have to do exactly what they’ve done, but you may get some ideas from what they’ve shown you. 

Do you adore the white furnishings and chocolate-colored walls? 

You could be drawn to a friend’s nautical motif because of your love of the water. 

You may not have intended to paint your kitchen a vibrant blood orange, but you can’t deny how it changes the atmosphere of the room. 

Don’t go out and copy these styles, but take note of what you like and see how you might incorporate other people’s ideas and influences into your own designs.

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What do you find yourself most enthused about?

In our home we are passionate about neutral colors and Minimalism. So, You don’t find much colors in our place, at the most few colored pillow covers and Thats it!!

If you’re having trouble figuring out your own unique sense of style, start with the obvious. Focus on what motivates and inspires you. 

The things that make you happy and the things that you are most enthusiastic about should guide your search for happiness. 

Take a glance around your own house and notice the things that offer you a sense of serenity and make it seem like home.

Make a thorough inventory of your possessions.

Take a look at your knickknacks for a few hours over the weekend. 

Sift through any images, mementoes, tokens, and souvenirs with care. Set away the objects that bring a tear to your eye because of their sentimental importance. 

There are objects in this collection that you will use in your house, and there are also pieces that will inspire you to decorate. 

Consider the hues and patterns. Do you know if any shells have been gathered? 

What about post cards or stamps? Somewhere near your fireplace is a good area for shells to be exhibited – perhaps on the coffee table next to it.

A beautiful framed montage of stamps and postcards may be made from a collection of these memorabilia. 

What if you find your  mum’s chanel scarf hidden at the back of your dresser? 

This may be hung in your bedroom, bathroom or living area as a piece of art. 

An old family picture gallery may be created by framing and hanging together a collection of similar images.


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