7+ Christmas decor trends for Living room & Dining room in 2022

7+ Christmas decor trends for Living room & Dining room in 2023

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Look no further than the Decorator’s Warehouse crew when creating your ideal Christmas tree design and beginning to research the best Christmas trends!

1. Go Classy with this Gold,white & Silver Trend

The New Neutral: Gold & white

As a “newer” neutral, platinum is a flexible option. For a gentler glam effect, use this hue as an accent rather than creams, whites, silver, or gold! 

This year, we chose to create three distinct platinum designs with blue, crimson, and neutral elements that you can pre-purchase as a bundle. Each outfit is gorgeous on its own and goes with many different styles.

Shop the look…

[lasso ref=”one-holiday-way-16-inch-set-of-2-decorative-silver-and-gold-filigree-christmas-tree-figurines-elegant-metallic-tabletop-mantel-centerpiece-statuette-decorations-winter-wedding-xmas-home-decor” id=”157241″ link_id=”203637″][lasso ref=”touch-of-class-traditional-elaine-mirrored-vanity-tray-hand-finished-venetian-gold-beautiful-perfume-holder-glass-mirror-tray-functional-makeup-decor-painted-by-hand-accents” id=”160906″ link_id=”203638″][lasso ref=”joylern-2-pack-animal-figurines-reindeer-figurines-deer-figurine-animal-crafts-sculpture-desktop-ornament-for-xmas-holiday-party-table-decoration-golden” id=”160903″ link_id=”203639″][lasso ref=”touch-of-class-angelique-ornate-candleholders-aged-gold-set-of-3-table-candle-sticks-for-dining-room-mantel-centerpiece-decor-traditional-style-pillar-holder” id=”160907″ link_id=”203640″]

2. Keep it Simple Christmas decor Trend

PHOTO: thecozyfarmhouse

Pair your Christmas coffee table décor with Simple Xmas decor items  to make your centerpiece more lively & Festive.

This charming Raindeer combines the neutral colors of the flocked Christmas tree, candle, Pinecones , and some lights.

Shop the look.

[lasso ref=”ann-lee-design-round-serving-seagrass-trays-60-white-washed-rattan” id=”157114″ link_id=”203641″][lasso ref=”eiuy-nordic-style-origami-elkresin-sitting-standing-deer-statues-creative-craft-reindeer-figurines%ef%bc%8cornaments-living-room-tv-cabinet-wine-cabinet-gifts-for-home-decoration-one-pair-black” id=”157117″ link_id=”203642″][lasso ref=”20-pinecones-3-to-4-tall-bulk-package-all-natural-bug-free-and-perfect-for-crafting-for-home-accent-decor-pine-cones-unscented-20″ id=”157118″ link_id=”203643″][lasso ref=”barnyard-designs-pillar-candle-holder-for-pillar-candles-tall-wooden-candlestick-holders-farmhouse-candle-holders-for-table-centerpiece-rustic-candle-holder-set-of-3-4-6-8-white” id=”157108″ link_id=”203644″]

3. Make really so colorful Trend (Mix of Reds, Pinks & whites)

PHOTO: ModernTexashouse

There is no rule that says Christmas trees have to be green. In point of fact, there are a wide variety of colour choices available to choose from for the decoration of your coffee table. 

A woven basket tray is shown here that has been adorned with miniature Christmas trees in a range of hues. Two pillar candles in white are used to pull the appearance together and give it some substance.

Shop the look.

[lasso ref=”gwokwai-heart-wreath-mini-artificial-rose-wreath-heart-shaped-rattan-wreath-handmade-rose-floral-wreath-for-wedding-arch-front-door-wall-decor” id=”160868″ link_id=”203645″][lasso ref=”water-hyacinth-woven-serving-tray-rectangular-hand-woven-wicker-storage-trays-for-coffee-breakfast-dessert-fruit-bread-original-color-large” id=”157131″ link_id=”203646″][lasso ref=”keebgyy-artificial-tabletop-christmas-treepre-lit-small-artificial-xmas-pink-tree-with-balls-led-lights-and-treetop-ornaments-for-home-kitchen-dining-table-decor” id=”157134″ link_id=”203647″][lasso ref=”light-pro-hand-crafted-decorative-wooden-candle-holder-stand-candalbras-candle-holders-rounded-turned-colums-country-style-idle-gift-for-wedding-party-home-spa-6-inch-set-of-2-white” id=”157135″ link_id=”203648″]

4. Keep it soft, cozy & Fluffy Trend

PHOTO: ashleymariesavage

In addition to using baskets and trays, there are a variety of other methods you can use to organise the Christmas decorations on your coffee table. 

This unique setup uses a fluffy white rug as the base for the small flocked Christmas tree, candles, and other ornaments. 

The texture of the rug lends a cosiness to the vignette, making it appear consistent with the winter white Christmas theme and making it look more inviting.

Shop the look.

[lasso ref=”yoh-ultra-soft-faux-fur-sheepskin-seat-cushion-chair-cover-luxury-white-fluffy-shaggy-area-rugs-for-living-room-bedroom-makeup-table-chair-home-stores-small-decor-carpets-1-3-x-2-feet” id=”157145″ link_id=”203649″][lasso ref=”molain-faux-fur-chair-pad-12-inch-round-cover-seat-cushion-pad-carpet-mat-soft-fluffy-area-rug-for-seat-pad-couch-padphotographing-background-of-jewelrywhite” id=”157144″ link_id=”203650″][lasso ref=”pre-lit-artificial-mini-christmas-tree12-inch-snow-flocked-artificial-pine-xmas-tree40-branch-tipsdesktop-tree-burlap-base-%ef%bc%8830cm%ef%bc%89″ id=”157151″ link_id=”203651″][lasso ref=”lamorgift-home-decor-candle-holders-set-for-bathroom-decorations-candle-holder-centerpieces-for-dining-room-table-living-room-decor-coffee-table-decorcome-with-4-holders-wood-tray-and-stones” id=”157156″ link_id=”203652″]

5. Full White & Green Trend

PHOTO: OurSweetheaven

Putting all of your round-shaped decorative items in a large bowl is a good way to keep them organised and together. In this example,  Green garland and glittery pinecones are stacked above one another in a bowl made of wood. 

The low ceramic and metal stump gives the centrepiece a sense of height, while the fairy lights lend it a radiance that is both warm and festive.

Shop the look.

[lasso ref=”fruit-holder-plastic-snacks-fruit-basket-bowl-for-kitchen-countertop-kitchen-storage-baskets-stand-organization-decor-centerpiece-for-kitchen-counter-or-dining-room-tables-white” id=”157169″ link_id=”203653″][lasso ref=”mud-pie-beaded-wood-pedestal-bowl” id=”157168″ link_id=”203654″][lasso ref=”wildivory-eucalyptus-garland-lush-natural-looking-artificial-faux-greenery-garland-vine-for-wedding-decor-table-runner-mantle-abundant-textured-boxwood-silver-dollar-eucalyptus-leaves” id=”157175″ link_id=”203655″][lasso ref=”white-christmas-berries-berry-stems-w-pine-branches-artificial-pine-cones-white-holly-spray-wreath-picks-for-winter-decor-holiday-crafts-xmas-decorations-decorative-pick-snow” id=”157176″ link_id=”203656″]

6. A White & Red Decor this Xmas Trend


With its red, white, and green colour scheme, this Christmas coffee table centrepiece will instantly remind you of a candy cane. 

A wide glass jar full of ball ornaments, a red and white beaded garland, wood spindle candle holders, and flocked Christmas leaves with red berries or Pine cones are displayed inside a distressed wooden tray.

Shop the look.

[lasso ref=”anchor-hocking-1-gallon-heritage-hill-glass-jar-with-lid-4-piece-all-glass-dishwasher-safe” id=”157205″ link_id=”203657″][lasso ref=”one-holiday-way-9-foot-long-rustic-bright-red-and-white-wood-bead-garland-christmas-tree-decoration-decorative-vintage-style-wooden-beads-for-everyday-shabby-chic-country-farmhouse-home-decor” id=”157269″ link_id=”203658″][lasso ref=”antteez-colored-christmas-tree-balls-ornaments-30pcs-2-36-shatterproof-plastic-christmas-tree-decorations-for-xmas-tree-holiday-party-wedding-decoration-red-gold-60mm” id=”157208″ link_id=”203659″][lasso ref=”party-joy-6-56ft-eucalyptus-garland-with-flowers-8-white-roses-artificial-fake-flowers-greenery-garland-floral-vines-for-decoration-party-wedding-table-indoor-outdoor-backdrop-wall-decorwhite” id=”157209″ link_id=”203660″][lasso ref=”white-christmas-berries-berry-stems-w-pine-branches-artificial-pine-cones-white-holly-spray-wreath-picks-for-winter-decor-holiday-crafts-xmas-decorations-decorative-pick-snow” id=”157176″ link_id=”203661″][lasso ref=”barnyard-designs-pillar-candle-holder-for-pillar-candles-tall-wooden-candlestick-holders-farmhouse-candle-holders-for-table-centerpiece-rustic-candle-holder-set-of-3-4-6-8-white” id=”157108″ link_id=”203662″]

7. Go Shine like a diamond holiday season Trend


This holiday season, metallic and shiny surfaces will add an elegant glow to your living room table. Instead of sticking to one finish, mix and match metallic tones to make your coffee table vignette more interesting. 

This eye-catching arrangement of mercury glass trees, for example, has a variety of finishes, including rose gold and silver. The mirrored tray adds another sheen, its reflective qualities matching the coffee table.

Shop the look.

[lasso ref=”one-holiday-way-16-inch-set-of-2-decorative-silver-and-gold-filigree-christmas-tree-figurines-elegant-metallic-tabletop-mantel-centerpiece-statuette-decorations-winter-wedding-xmas-home-decor” id=”157241″ link_id=”203663″]

8. Woods and White Christmas Living Room Decor Trend

Cozy living room christmas decor. Woods and white Christmas decor. farmhouse christmas decor and decorating ideas. Neutral Christmas mantel decor

Shop the look.

[lasso ref=”luiyo-large-ottoman-wood-tray-with-leather-handle-decorative-wooden-24-x-24-x1-5-inches-square-serving-tray-best-for-coffee-table-living-room-and-kitchen” id=”160916″ link_id=”203664″][lasso ref=”vofuly-24-inch-prelit-tabletop-mini-christmas-tree-with-50-ledsmall-frosted-lighted-artificial-pine-tree-with-buffalo-plaid-basepinecone-decoration2-ft-miniature-xmas-tree-decor-for-entry-door” id=”160917″ link_id=”203665″][lasso ref=”kigan-home-linen-decorative-books-set-of-3-assorted-size-sandy-beige-neutral-fabric-books-with-wooden-bead-garland-for-boho-home-decor-shelves-fireplace-mantel-coffee-table-tiered-tray” id=”160918″ link_id=”203666″]

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Het to know How To Use Texture, Balance, And Style To Create A Stunning Holiday Setting, Our Best Holiday Coffee Table Styling Tips

Learn how to create a stunning holiday coffee table by combining elements of style, texture, and balance. Sharing our best tips for creating a holiday masterpiece.

Your Holiday Christmas decor Theme

Always start with a theme in mind. As the holidays approach, my theme is Christmas. If you are entertaining at your home this year, it could be Thanksgiving. 

Other possible themes include spring, Easter, July 4th, winter, fall, and so on. Perhaps you’re planning a themed party, such as a baby shower, engagement party, or New Year’s Eve bash. 

It doesn’t have to be a holiday or season but you will find this an easy way to begin to think about decorating.

Add a Variety of Textures

I enjoy selecting items with a variety of textures. The texture is a powerful element on its own. I begin with a clean modern, smooth, and elegant glass holiday coffee table. 

The thick cotton rustic farmhouse runner is then added (with a nubby natural-looking texture). I

 place a large reclaimed wood farmhouse tray on top, along with a natural twig nest, old books, gold pine cones, lit candles, and so on. Everything has a distinct, interesting, and one-of-a-kind texture.

Let’s do it again…

Remember to:

  • Decide on a theme
  • Select your style or styles
  • Include at least 2-3 elements from each style (and they can overlap)
  • Use stages to collect and display information.
  • Make three or more levels/heights
  • Arrange in 3’s and triangle patterns with care.
  • Have a good time!

Home decor finds Guides

Christmas decor trends- FAqs

What are some popular Christmas decor trends for this year?
Popular Christmas decor trends for this year include natural elements like greenery and wood, bold and bright colors, vintage-inspired decor, and minimalist designs.

What are some ideas for Christmas decorations that are influenced by the past?
Using vintage ornaments or vintage-inspired decor elements such as glass or ceramic figurines are examples of some ideas for decorating your Christmas tree in a vintage-inspired manner. Your holiday display could also benefit from the addition of candlesticks that have the appearance of being ancient or traditional Christmas stockings.

What are some suggestions for simple Christmas decorations to use?
Use of modest and understated decorative components such as white or silver decorations is one example of a minimalist Christmas decorating idea.

Another example is the incorporation of minimalist Christmas trees such as white or black trees. To make a holiday display that is simple and up to date, you may also make use of minimalist decorative elements, such as decorations with geometric shapes or paper snowflakes in white.

How can I use my Christmas decorations to make the room feel more inviting and toasty?
Focus on adding soft textures to your Christmas decor, such as comforting blankets and pillows, and make use of warm lighting, such as candles or string lights, to create an environment that is inviting and comfortable.

Greenery and other natural features, such as pine cones or branches, can also be incorporated into the design to give it a more rustic and natural appearance.

How can I make my Christmas decorations more friendly to the environment?
To reduce your impact on the environment while decorating for Christmas, choose for real or fake greenery rather than products made of plastic or synthetic materials, and decorate with LED lights rather than the more conventional incandescent lights.

You may also reuse and recycle your holiday decorations after the season is gone by making them yourself using natural materials such as pine cones or branches.

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