The Best outdoor ceiling fans for your courtyard, Patio and Porch

The Best outdoor ceiling fans for your Patio and Porch

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Ceiling fans, which have been a common fixture on outdoor porches and patios for many years, are an excellent way to maintain a comfortable temperature on your patio even when the weather is hot and humid. 

These overhead systems do not consume any additional floor space, and they are available in a wide variety of aesthetics, ranging from modern and industrial to traditional and even rustic. 

There are ceiling fans available that will keep you cool without breaking the bank, and you might be surprised by some of the features that manufacturers are offering in their products today.

Ceiling fans are a wonderful addition to virtually any room in the house because they are energy-efficient, virtually silent, and do not obstruct the view. 

Even in outdoor living areas such as a covered patio or a porch, they can prove to be a useful addition.

The style of outdoor ceiling fans is comparable to that of their indoor counterparts, with one important distinction between the two. 

Materials that are able to withstand the effects of weather are used in the construction of models that are intended for use in the open air.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the most popular choices available among the best outdoor ceiling fan options, regardless of whether you want to instal a ceiling fan with long blades on a wide veranda or a small fan in a reading nook on your porch. 

These top-favorite picks are among the best outdoor ceiling fan options available.

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Outdoor ceiling fans – Details and Technical Specifications

Outside of models that have connection, there aren’t many features to be found on patio fans that hang from the ceiling. 

Although remote controls are the most common feature that is utilised as a selling point, you should be aware of a few additional features as well as the technical specs of the product as a whole.

Speeds Despite the fact that each of the fans on our list has a unique design, they all come with a number of various speeds, which provides you a greater degree of control over the amount of airflow. 

There are some systems on the market that come with six different speeds, but the majority of manufacturers keep to three or four different settings for outdoor ceiling fans.
Light Kits Ceiling fan manufacturers sometimes include lighting as an additional important selling factor for their products. 

There are a dozen fans that are marketed as standard models but come with optional light kits for any system that already has a built-in light. 

The expense of the update for some kits is not justified because they do not allow for the customization of the lighting, whilst other kits do.

Airflow: In the case of fans, the unit of measurement for airflow or power is cubic feet per minute (CFM).

If you want to know how much air a fan can move in one minute, look at this figure; the higher it is, the more powerful the fan. 

The ratings for outdoor ceiling fans can range anywhere from 3,500 to over 10,000 CFM.

The capability of a ceiling fan’s motor to rotate in the other direction is often disregarded, despite the fact that it is an essential function. 

In the winter, you may generate an updraft with the flip of a switch to assist warm the area below you, which is more effective inside, where it is more likely to be used.
Reversible Blades Almost all contemporary ceiling fans include the capability to reverse the motor, which enables the fan to be utilised throughout the whole year. 

However, other systems make use of reversible blades, which are essentially airfoils that are intended to channel air in both directions at the same time.

The best Outdoor Ceiling fans

What are the best Outdoor ceiling fans to Purchase in 2022[ Budget to Splurge]

The best Stylish Outdoor fan- Xtreme H2O

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Large ceiling fans are expensive, especially outside ones. Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O can handle the elements and move a lot of air at 84″.

This huge ceiling fan weighs 24 pounds. On high, the eight blades create 11,157 CFM. On low speed, it blows more air than other models at maximum speed (5,075 CFM). You may pick from six speeds according on your tastes and outside situations.

This Minka-Aire fan has ABS blades. They’re well-made but not reversible, having a 9-degree blade pitch. 

This type contains a DC motor with a remote to set speed, reverse the motor, or dim the lights. If you wish to illuminate your patio or porch, you’ll need to buy a light kit separately.

The Best Overall-Hunter searow

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Living near the sea provides a natural wind, yet fans are still ubiquitous. 

Outdoor ceiling fans like Hunter’s Searow work well near seawater.

Hunter’s WeatherMax lineup includes the Searow 55086. Stainless steel hardware protects this saltwater-resistant outdoor fan from corrosion. 

A strong cage protects the LED light’s frosted white glass, which can handle two E26 bulbs.

Hunter’s 4-blade fan has a 3-position mounting method. It comes with a 2″ and 4″ downrod for low-profile, angle, or regular mounting. 

This fan has SureSpeed technology for an improved motor and precision-balanced blades.

The best NOISELESS Outdoor Ceiling fan

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This ceiling fan has a contemporary design that will look fantastic both indoors and out. 

This variant has a wallnut wood finish on the housing, fan mount, and blades. It’s a 60-inch fan with three weather-resistant ABS plastic blades. 

Although different lengths are available, the downrod supplied with this system is stated as 4.5″.

A high-efficiency DC motor is housed inside this unit’s gleaming casing. It has six settings and a maximum airflow rate of 5,200 CFM on high. 

With the accompanying Bluetooth remote or the Modern Forms smartphone app, you can control the light and the fan.

Controlling your outdoor fan from your smartphone or tablet is convenient, and it gives you access to extra features like scheduling, fan grouping, and smart home integration. 

You’ll be able to operate the Axis using Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Ecobee, and more once it’s enabled.

The best Motor fan -Kichler Sola Ceiling fan

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Not every location can support 40- to 60-inch outdoor ceiling fans. 

The Kichler Sola Hugger Fan is a tiny yet excellent porch fan.This low-profile patio fan is called a “hugger.” 34-inch, 14.5-pound 330150OZ fan. 

On high, it can cover 90 square feet with 3,509 CFM. The 3-blade fan is wet-rated, making it excellent for outdoor usage.

This AC-powered machine is pricier than bigger fans. ABS blades are weatherproof. 

This fan needs a level ceiling, however downrods are available for taller ones.

What’s our say!

This is another well-reviewed fan with great consumer ratings, despite its size and lack of a remote control.

 We enjoy the Sola’s transitional look and dimmable wall switch. 

This outdoor ceiling fan offers a lifetime motor guarantee, 3-year lights, and 1-year components.

The best BUDGET-Honeywell Duval

[lasso ref=”honeywell-duval-52-inch-tropical-ceiling-fan-with-five-wet-rated-wicker-blades-indoor-outdoor-damp-rated-fan-bronze” id=”132029″ link_id=”188991″]

Finding the Perfect Ceiling Fan for Your Outdoor Space

In spite of the fact that installing a ceiling fan on a patio in the summer is a fantastic approach to help you beat the heat, if you want to utilise the fans outside, they have to satisfy a few prerequisites first. 

This indicates that it is not a good idea to utilise a model that is intended for use inside on your outside deck, porch, or patio. In this purchasing guide for outdoor ceiling fans, we are going to explain why, and we are also going to provide you some pointers to help you stay on track.

Think about the space that has to be cooled.

When it comes to employing a ceiling fan, the laws are a little bit different than when you’re working with an outdoor fan, which may be installed in a number of outside settings. 

In open regions, the fan’s cooling power will be reduced to some extent, unless you plan to use it in a sunroom or another space that is completely enclosed outside. 

To put it more succinctly, the square footage is not nearly as crucial as the ceiling height or the pace.

In a perfect world, the distance from the floor to the blades of your ceiling fan should be 8 feet. 

Downrods can be used to accommodate vaulted ceilings, although low ceilings are better served by hugger fans that have a low profile. 

Downrods can be purchased separately. It is not unusual to employ many fans for bigger areas rather than one giant fan for larger areas; however, the choice ultimately depends on your requirements as well as the form of the porch or patio.

Fan Blades Sizes

Fans are measured by the number of blades, and if you’ve never had a ceiling fan before, it’s tempting to jump the gun and get a model with a lot of blades if you want a device that generates a lot of airflow in a given space. 

If you are concerned about efficiency, then that might be a mistake, since the number of blades does not necessarily correlate to the amount of power produced by the fan.

Although each blade of a ceiling fan has a purpose, many blades are styled more for appearance than for functionality or rate of air movement. 

Even if it just has three or five blades, a fan may be just as effective at moving air as one that has eight blades. 

The pitch is more important when it comes to airflow since the higher the pitch on the blades, the more air a fan is able to move when it is operating.

Keeping this in mind, some manufacturers utilise blades with a high pitch to compensate for the fact that their motors do not have a lot of power. 

Therefore, you should pay attention to the CFM rating, which is a measurement of airflow, and seek for outdoor ceiling fans that have the Energy Star certification. 

The size of the fan blades and the pitch at which they are spaced are significant characteristics, but they are just a portion of the equation for determining power and efficiency.

Motors for Ceiling Fans

The motor is where the power is generated, but the pitch and shape of the fan blades have a significant influence on the airflow. 

There are two primary categories into which fan motors fall: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). However, the majority of outdoor ceiling fans use AC or DC motors.

When it comes to performance, direct current (DC) motors are your best bet; in fact, there are even premium-tier versions that come equipped with brushless motors. 

The majority of fans that use AC motors are either entry-level or mid-range models. 

When you simply plan to utilise the fans for eight to twelve hours each day, these are the perfect choice for you.

Ratings for Wetness and Resistance to the Elements
There is no such thing as an outdoor fan that cannot be used inside, but the lack of weather resistance of an interior fan prevents it from being used safely outside. 

Over time, exposure to moisture and temperature can cause damage to exterior components, and rain can wreak havoc on an electrical system.

Any outdoor fan worth its salt should have a rating for damp or wet conditions. 

There is a substantial difference between the two, despite the fact that both may be used outside without risk of injury. 

Fans with a “damp rating” are designed specifically for use in wet environments, such as restrooms or covered patios, where the presence of moisture is a potential issue. 

The ceiling fan should have a Wet rating if there is a possibility that it may come into direct contact with water.

Fans with a wet rating are more resistant to the effects of the weather, although none of them are completely waterproof. 

Housings, hardware, and other components that are frequently subjected to environmental hazards typically make use of stainless steel and aluminium as their materials of choice. 

To prevent the fan blades from peeling or warping in any way, the entire system should be equally as waterproof as the individual components, and the fan blades should be entirely sealed.

Because of this, the blades of the vast majority of outdoor fans are constructed of ABS. 

They are available in a dizzying array of hues and designs, but high-end fans from Haiku and other manufacturers, in addition to those made by Haiku, have blades made of solid metal.

Controls for the Ceiling Fan

You need to think about the kind of control you want for your new ceiling fan, regardless of whether it has a powerful industrial motor or is an affordable model with three different speeds. 

The price of ceiling fan controllers may have a significant influence, and the range of available options can be quite different across manufacturers.

Fans that are less expensive will include a pull chain, which gives you control over the speed of the fan as well as the light. 

They will also be equipped with a switch on the casing that allows you to reverse the direction of the motor. Despite being inexpensive and simple to operate, replacing a broken fan chain is a task that is easier said than done. 

The wall switches are not included with all of these models, but you have the option to purchase them separately for some of them.

The next level of sophistication consists of wired wall switches, which are a feature that can be found on any category of outdoor fan.

However, this might make some aspects of the installation more difficult, so if you plan on installing the fan yourself, it is recommended that you choose a model that comes with a remote control.

You have the option of purchasing an outdoor fan that is equipped with Wi-Fi if you reside in a connected house. You have a choice between fans that have built-in connection and models that are compatible with smart modules. 

The number of outdoor models that include this function is quite limited, but you may choose from a variety of models. 

The majority of them come with remote controllers, access to smartphone apps, or the ability to operate the fan by just speaking into a microphone.

Ceiling Fan Lighting

When looking for the finest indoor ceiling fan, you will find that most of them come equipped with lights as a standard feature. 

There are dozens of outdoor types available, each of which comes equipped with its own built-in lighting, which has attractive painted globes. 

In other instances, the lights are offered for sale as an add-on kit or have the option to be covered up and sealed off.

The outlets are the primary area of concern when it comes to the lighting of ceiling fans. 

According to the findings of our research, a large number of companies have switched to using LED systems, including those that have “fixed” lights that cannot be changed. 

You should put more of your attention on the many kinds of bulbs that may be utilised, despite the fact that they are typically located on systems that are affordable.

Consumers frequently believed that the lighting provided by this type of ceiling fan was insufficient, which was one of the most prevalent complaints about these fans. 

If you want to use the light from your ceiling fan as the major source of illumination on your patio at night, you need to ensure that you can switch out the bulbs that come with the fixture with ones of your own choosing.

Quick Tips for Installing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Aside from the fact that they are portable, the ease with which a floor standing fan can be installed is the primary benefit of selecting one of these types of fans for use on a patio rather than a ceiling fan. 

Because you won’t be installing a tower fan, there won’t be any need for ladders, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with any wiring either.

There are a number of factors, including the height of the ceiling, the mounting type, and the fan itself, that can make installing a ceiling fan a potentially dangerous endeavour. 

If you decide to tackle the project on your own, you will need to have prior experience dealing with electrical systems and will also require assistance from a friend or family member. 

The installation of a new ceiling fan is not something that we advocate for people who have never done it before. However, it is easy to replace a ceiling fan that has stopped working properly in an existing ceiling.

When it comes to installing ceiling fans, there are hundreds of different factors that might affect the final outcome. 

Utilizing an outlet that is already installed can make things easier, but doing so is not always possible. 

Wrapping up

There is a wide variety of outdoor fans available to pick from, and your options will vary depending on your preferences and finances. 

The rating is the most crucial aspect to keep in mind, as you need to make sure that it is a Wet rated fan unless your porch is fully covered. 

This is the most important aspect to keep in mind. Check out our list of the best tower fans if you are interested in purchasing something that is a bit more portable for your patio.

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