10 Bedroom storage shelve ideas Sure to Add Storage and Style

Bedroom storage shelves ideas

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10 Bedroom storage shelves ideas Sure to Add Storage and Style- Bedroom Storage Ideas 🛌

Shelving is an easy win in almost any home: it not only provides some storage, but it also allows you to display some of your favourite books, décor, or other household items. 

Bedroom decor and bedroom shelves have to do more than just look nice – they also need to be functional, and the goal of today’s article is to help you find new and exciting ways to add storage and style to your bedroom space. 

While you may have the best of intentions when it comes to keeping your bedroom clean and organized, there are only so many hours in the day. 

Between your full-time job, your part-time job, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends, it’s easy to come home exhausted at the end of the day without any energy left over to deal with household chores. 

From built-in shelves to repurposed furniture, here are 10 bedroom shelving ideas sure to add storage and style to your bedroom space.!

Shelving, however, should not be limited to the kitchen or living room; it should also have a place in the bedroom.

Alan of AlanDesigns Studio, Boston says

“Bedroom shelving, whether it’s a set of narrow picture ledges holding your favourite vacation photos or rows of book-filled shelves in an empty corner, could be just what your space needs”. 

Alan – AlanDesigns Studio

Continue reading to see 10 of our favourite shelving ideas for your bedroom.

1) Large Bed with Under the bed Storage

Clever bedroom storage shelves ideas

Bedroom decor – 10 Bedroom Shelving Ideas Sure to Add Storage and Style

If you’re short on space in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to use vertical space as much as possible. 

If you have a large bed that doesn’t take up much floor space, consider sitting stools or ottomans underneath it so you can put items on top of them.

It not only provides extra storage, but also helps create a sort of media center with your computer placed on top of one of these stools (if needed). 

Or, add a plant atop your stool/ottoman/etc. for additional appeal! You could even add lampshades made from old books for an additional touch.

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2. Shelf Above a Headboard

For example, you can easily make your own headboard shelf by building a frame for it. 

By attaching boards on either side of your headboard, in front of where you sleep, you’ll have something that’s both decorative and functional. 

This shelf is great for placing books on or storing decorations. 

Make sure that whatever you place here is easy to get to; otherwise, it defeats its purpose! 

There are many ways to add storage space over a bed if you don’t want an actual headboard shelf, like wall-mounted shelves or bookcases attached along your wall directly above your bed. 

These are great for keeping objects within arm’s reach as well as adding a little extra style with their designs.

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3) Use Bedside Table for some storage

Master bedroom storage ideas

This is a unique design that takes an unconventional approach to bedroom storage. 

Usually, people don’t think of attaching a bedside table directly above a shelf unit but it adds an interesting twist on conventional designs. 

This setup would look great in any room because it’s so eye-catching. 

Plus, you’ll have everything right within arm’s reach in case you need something during your night routine. 

However, be careful not to place anything too heavy on top of your newly-built shelf; you wouldn’t want it crashing down in case of an earthquake or other unexpected accident!

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4) Make use of Floating shelves- Wall Mount storage Ideas

Wall storage ideas for small bedrooms

Floating shelves are your new best friend, whether you’re a bookworm or just prefer to display emotional mementoes.

If you don’t have a lot of room for a free-standing bookshelf, you can save money and space by utilising the wall space around your home.

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5) An Exposed Shelf in the Corner of a Room for Extra Storage

An exposed shelf in a corner is a great way to add some storage without taking up valuable floor space. 

Not only does it make for an interesting focal point, but it can also be used as storage for bedding, toys or even clothes. 

Alan of Alan designs studio says “Don’t worry about making your walls look perfect—after all, it’s an exposed shelf!”

 When displaying something on a wall shelf like jewellery or candles, be sure they are secured firmly with non-slip tape. 

And speaking of security…remember that any family member could accidentally knock one of these shelves down! 

Be sure you secure items on your shelves carefully so they don’t go flying off at any time during normal use (or playtime!).

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6) Get Decorative storage bags

Large Decorative shelves make for a stunning focal point in any room, but particularly so when you combine them with other natural elements. 

Build a set of these with plenty of storage space and a few hidden extras (cabinets, drawers, etc.) and your bedroom will become more than just a place to sleep—it’ll be your new favorite spot in your home. 

And if you do end up deciding that sleeping is important after all, there’s even enough room for it on top! 

Your bed can sit right on top of those shelves, right where you want it. Plus, it’ll be out of sight until you need it. 

This particular shelving unit sports an elegant finish that’s as timeless as they come; why not take advantage?

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7)Tall, Single Shelf Above a Wooden Daybed

A great way to increase storage in a small bedroom is with a tall, single shelf above a wooden daybed. 

In bedrooms where there isn’t much free space on floors, walls or nightstands, a shelf becomes an especially practical solution for storing items that might otherwise be tucked away in drawers. 

It can serve as additional storage for books and media too bulky for shelves elsewhere in your room. 

As it runs from wall-to-wall you could even use it as extra counter space for things like makeup or bathroom essentials like lotions or nail polish.

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8. Tall Mirror with Storage

A great way to increase storage in a small bedroom is with a tall, single shelf above a wooden daybed. 

In bedrooms where there isn’t much free space on floors, walls or nightstands, a shelf becomes an especially practical solution for storing items that might otherwise be tucked away in drawers. 

It can serve as additional storage for books and media too bulky for shelves elsewhere in your room. 

As it runs from wall-to-wall you could even use it as extra counter space for things like makeup or bathroom essentials like lotions or nail polish.

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9. Use a bedside trunk to store your belongings.

Unique storage ideas for small spaces

Put a storage bench at the foot of your bed or use an old-fashioned trunk for extra space. 

It’s always a wonderful idea. Because it also serves as an end-seat, this hack puts the user’s comfort first. 

There are countless ways to save space, from folding your linens in the trunk to storing random records.

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10. Organize your dresser like a professional

We can’t stress enough the need of excellent folding and drawer dividers enough. 

Organizing your clothes in your dresser and putting them away neatly could give you additional room in your closet or drawers right now. 

There are more severe methods of storing clothing such as vacuum packing (which I know some people despise but which I use to protect my winter garments from getting too heavy).

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