10+ thoughtful Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Women we have seen on Pinterest

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10+ thoughtful Bedroom Decor Ideas for Women on Pinterest that are Fantastic & Dreamy

Everyone’s life necessitates a change of bedroom decor from time to time. 

You may have changed your style, relocated to a different location, or are simply looking for something fresh. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed while searching for ideas on social media, 

Pinterest, and Google at the same time. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin.

We’ve put together some ideas for women’s bedrooms, regardless of their age and profession.

Your bedroom re-design/Redecor will be inspired whether you choose rustic materials or clean, modern lines. 

Here are 10+ bedroom design ideas for ladies of all ages, from the twenties to the sixties that we  love on Pinterest and you’ll too.

1. Use whites in your bedroom

White has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions. 

Your bedroom should be a haven of peace and tranquilly where you can unwind and recharge your batteries.

What better place to begin and finish each day than in a room that you actually love and cherish? 

Decorating your bedroom may seem like a huge undertaking, but in reality, it isn’t as difficult as you may imagine.

An all-white bedroom creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

No doubt in your mind: “All in white? Wow Boring?!”

White may be used in a variety of ways, from layered and rustic to minimalist and futuristic. 

In addition, there are many hues of white to choose from, ranging from a bright, pure white to a creamy antique white, and everything in between, so it’s easy to create an eye-catching effect by layering various shades and textures.

It’s also a simple way to provide the illusion of extra space in a tiny environment. 

Having a white bedroom gives you the opportunity to play around with a wide range of beautiful bedroom decoration ideas, from wall decor to curtains.

All of the bedroom furnishings, including beds , bed Boards, Pillows, vases  and Wall art and comfy bedroom chairs, should be included in the planning process.

If you’re still not sold on the idea of a white bedroom, you may simply include some wood tones or vibrant bursts of colour into your space.

Depending on the time of day and the quality of the light, white has the power to produce quiet and calming spaces. 

Natural materials, such as the brushed wood and veined marble in my recently introduced furniture line at Belle & Blue and BUrke Decor(USA), benefit greatly from this treatment since it emphasises their warmth.

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2.Throw in a Lot of “Throw”Pillows

Throw pillows are a simple and low-cost method to spruce up your bedroom. Changing out the covers for a new season is as simple as swapping out the covers, which may transform your room with new colour and texture. 

The blues in these pillows complement the white decorations in the space while being neutral enough to avoid making a statement.

Color is the first thing you’ll be asked to choose when purchasing throw pillows online, at a store, or with the help of an interior designer.

Throw pillows are often picked to match your room’s design, as we’ve established. In order to choose the perfect colour for your space, you must consider the other colours in the room, as well as any accessories.

What’s the secret behind that? View the couch, sofa, or armchair that will be receiving the decorative pillows. Choosing a colour that is similar enough to your furniture’s hue to make the two mix or wholly different is your only option.

What this implies for your living room is that you should make an effort to stand out in terms of colour and create a contrast between the couch and the cushions you choose.

When selecting throw pillows for your bedroom, think about the sheets and covers you use and how you want them to complement or contrast with the rest of your decor. 

It might be simpler to work with an interior designer, but it can also be more expensive.

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3.Make Your bedroom Versatile( Multi-Purpose)

Apartment residents know how important it is to make the most of their available space in order to design a home that truly suits their needs. 

An office nook in your bedroom may be an ideal solution if you don’t have enough room for one in your living room (or you and a roommate share one).

Pop a desk in at the foot of your bed and a chair and you’ve got a nice workspace—just make sure your bed is made if it’s going to be in the backdrop of your Zoom sessions.

Few Quick Tips to make your Bed Room Multi Functional:

Make your bedroom multi-functional with these expert advice. A foldaway wall bed or a multi-functional couch suite are wise investments that can help you maximise your space.

Shelves, additional storage, or even a mezzanine level may be done vertically.

For versatile rooms, storage is essential. Allow a single wall to be dedicated to storage instead of cramming in a bunch of smaller pieces of furniture. 

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Adding a pull-down or concealed workstation to a floor-to-ceiling storage wall is possible, as is incorporating a media centre. 

Convert your closet into a covert workstation and storage space. A multi-device docking station should be plugged into one of the power outlets.

The size and configuration of the furniture in a room that serves several purposes (such as a bedroom and a study) should be considered so that one usage does not interfere with the other. 

The furniture should have enough room for people to get in and out of it.

4.Mix & Match Pillows babes!- a Lot of Pillows!!

Having a Lot of throw pillows is one thing and mix and matchng then is another level.There is no such thing as an excessive number of toss pillows. Learn to  Mix & Match your pillows!

Fill in the gaps between each one to give texture and depth to your bed, and experiment with various sizes and shapes to create even more interest. 

Stack your sleeping pillows towards the rear of the room to help support your decorative pillows, so that they may be shown to their full potential.

Some  Pro -Tip:

Natalie Samber , a  Melbourne based Home decor Expert  Recommends  to master the rule of Threes by Picking Three patters and you have the option of combining three distinct patterns, as long as each design involves at least one hue from your three-color tale.

Throw pillows arranged in odd numbers will have a more contemporary appearance; consider using three or five pillows instead of an even number. 

Keep in mind that a fewer number of bigger cushions makes a room appear more contemporary than a tangle of smaller ones.

Odd numbers are more conventional: In order to get a symmetrical design, such as on your bed or sofa, an even number of pillows, such two or four, is ideal.

Filling is important: Filling and how it affects the look of throw pillows should be taken into consideration when purchasing them.

Add a variety of textures to the mix as well: Texture is just as significant as pattern and colour when it comes to fashion. Smooth and rough, soft and fluffy, all in one composition? Go for it! Consider fake fur, velvet, linen, knit wools, and tasselled accessories while designing your outfits.

Keep the color and pattern scheme you’ve chosen in mind while you experiment with different textures and sensations.

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5.To spice things up, add some accessories.

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to add some flair to your  bedroom decor.

The colour, pattern, and texture of your bedroom and Bed should be taken into consideration while styling it, according to Ben M( Melbourne based Home decor Specialist)

You can’t go wrong with brightly coloured designer vases, Wall arts and tables.

For a more eye-catching bar cart, invest in a few brightly coloured pieces of glassware, which will quickly set it out from the others.

6. Create a Boho Paradise in your home.

The ability to decorate in whatever way you choose is one of the nicest parts of a Bohemian-style bedroom. 

A wide variety of decorations are available to beautify your bedroom. Decorate your bohemian-style bedroom with these fantastic ideas!

Pallets may be used as a platform for a boho bedroom if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. You only place the pallets beneath your mattress and then sleep on them. To prevent splinters, be careful to sand them well.

Not everything about boho bedding has to be picture perfect, in my opinion.

Bedspreads and linens in bohemian style are usually “undone,” making it seem as if you could jump in and sleep right away without having to bother about snagging the ideal cover or untucking your sheets.

When it comes to being a plant lover, there’s no better reason to bring all of your green plats into your bedroom than a bohemian makeover. 

Using rich, warm tones like as Rattan and rust hues will make your space seem homey, and adding fringe and linen textures will give your room that bohemian style that so many people are familiar with and adore. 

You’ll be astonished at how fresh and new your space will seem after bringing the outside in with plants.

Efforts on Bedroom WINDOWS when your bedroom is BOHO style

To avoid overpowering an already busy bedroom, go for more muted patterns and colours for your curtains. Even if you have a white wall, a white transparent curtain will look wonderful.


While the majority of decanters and glasses is colourless, taking the effort to pick a few statement pieces in brighter colours can quickly set your bar cart apart from the rest. 

We adore the Pink  Decanter from Amazon, that will look amazing on your cart.

8.Flowers and vases


FLOWERS and Fruits DESERVE SPACE on your Bedroom decor , SO MAKE ROOM for them!

Vases have long been one of the most flexible and adaptable home decoration elements. Even when your favourite flowers aren’t in season, the greatest vases retain their aesthetic appeal even after they are no longer in use.

Well, leave some  room on your table for a beautiful arrangement or a bowl of refreshing Flowers or Bowl of Fruits. Adding fresh things to your bedroom will make it feel more like an integral part of your room’s décor.

Bedroom Vase Alternatives: 3  cool Concepts

If you donot have a vase on hand, here are quick tips that Not only make your bedroom looking wonderful, but they also have a more artistic  & Bohemian quality.

Bottles of Red and White Wine

Wine bottles may be used to make a flower vase if you’ve got spare ones hanging around. 

This has the potential to seem elegant, as if it were from an authentic Italian restaurant.

Watering Cans 

Put flowers in a watering can for a rustic and bohemian appearance. You won’t have to worry about leaking watering cans since they are already waterproof. 

Plus, it’s simpler than ever to locate a beautiful watering can that won’t appear out of place inside as an alternative to the usual boring watering can.

Cute Mugs and Glasses 

Drinking glasses, cups, and mugs may be a lifesaver for stems that are just a few inches long. 

From vividly coloured beakers to charming patterned mugs, you can quickly create an arrangement or centrepiece that is really one-of-a-kind.

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9. Mix Prints with Neutrals

Adding  some prints like a leopard  orf checks  to the mix will add a burst of colour to the otherwise neutral cart.

To discover a decent printed pillows or Printed Throws, “your localbedroom is a terrific place to look,” explains Sember 

Add a pattern into a room and you’ll find that it brings a lot of life, energy, and personality to the area. What’s the point of limiting yourself to just one pattern?

If you  few basic  principles like which pattern goes well with neutrals etc , you’ll be able to mix and match easily.

In interior design and decoration, the use of patterns and prints is critical.

Color, flair, personality, and texture may be added to any space design using patterns and prints.

They provide visual intrigue, sophistication, elegant, style, and a finishing touch to any interior space, making them a must-have accessory.

A wide variety of patterns and prints may be used to decorate a space. There are many examples: stripes and geometrical designs, zigzags and checkerboard patterns as well as florals and dots, paisley and toile.

10. Rug up! pls.

It may seem counterintuitive to place an area rug on top of carpeted flooring; yet, it is a terrific method to conceal carpet you don’t like for while also adding colour, texture, and pattern to a room.

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