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PEP decor- Minimalist Home decor Guide

Div Acharya

About Us: Manny & Div Dive into Minimalist Decor

Hey there! We’re Manny & Div, two decor enthusiasts who believe in the magic of ‘less is more’. After years of drowning in clutter (and some questionable decor choices 🙈), we took a leap into the world of minimalist design. What started as a small project (Div: “Let’s just declutter the living room, okay?”) turned into a full-blown passion.

Now, we’re on a mission to help others find that sweet spot between simplicity and style. If you’re into spaces that breathe, where every piece tells a story and clutter is the enemy, you’re in the right place. Join us on this journey and let’s make minimalist magic together!

PEP decor

What’s up? We’re Manny & Div! Once upon a time, our homes resembled a wild jumble sale, but then the minimalist fairy waved her wand.

Now, our space is a blend of zen and style, and we’re all about that minimalist life. So if you fancy streamlined designs with a touch of pizzazz, come hang with us. Let’s make ‘less’ the new ‘more’ together!